Friday, June 30, 2006

to please the masses?

I feel like posting something serious, something about humility. But I know that most of my readers would like something happy. Too bad, you'll have to accept my serious post.

My Grandma is 83 (I think...) and just recently she's been in a lot of pain. She called me this morning to help her get dressed, so I walked over. She was an emotional mess, she was angry at being unable to do simple things, so she'd start crying. I think also, she had to put her pride aside to accept help from me. I was glad to help her, I just wish that her pain would go away soon. I started thinking about how I would react if I was in her shoes. I think I would have a very hard time letting people help me.

We took Grandma to her doctors appointment, she kept apologizing for taking up our time. I don't think she knows that we gladly did it. Although I did struggle with being impatient while waiting for her and Mom to finish shopping, so while dealing with that attitude I thought about Grandma. She has to accept help, so if she saw my impatience she would feel even worse than she did. So I tried to let it go.

So today, I've thought about patience and humility. They look easy on paper, but when I dealt with issues that require them it was a bit harder to live them.

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Colossians 3:12

Good thing God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slow Traffic

Yuppers, I've walked a bunch today. I'm not up to speed yet and I'm still limping.

Mom, Boomer and I took a walk down to the lake. Boomer is really old, 14 years now. He goes really slow and usually he is the slowest one. But today I was, Boomer was pulling on the leash. So I slowed him down.

On the way back though he was the slowest.

I hula hooped today. It's been about a year, after a couple tries I pretty much got it down. That was one of the things I always wanted to be able to do as a child, but I never learned how till last year. I also want to do a hand stand, but I'm too much of a coward to try that. I'd end up hurting myself anyway.

I need to go to the mall soon, hopefully I can walk better by the time we go. I don't think mall shoppers would be pleased by my slow pace. But I think it's kind of nice to walk slow, I can see things I would have missed completely.

Oh, and there have been tons of butterflies around here. Not monarch I think, but they look like them. They are a bit lighter than the pictures I've seen of monarchs. I like seeing butterflies.

Our yard is going into all out summer mode, I love how it grows. It's going to be beautiful this summer.

Monday, June 26, 2006

My ankle is complaining about something or other, I don't know what about though. Stupid Dennis, my rebellious ankle that has caused me so much trouble.

Mom and I were sitting here watching the first season of the Next Generation with ice on our rebellious legs. Mom's knee has been giving her trouble for a long time and of course Dennis got some ice too.

I took a shower in my shower today, first since I broke my ankle (:edit: I have taken showers, just not in the one in our house.). It's nice to be clean, but it's so hot! I love the beauty of this weather but I hate the heat. I sat on the front steps to our house for about 10 minutes just soaking in the beauty and stillness of the day. Today I've felt such joy and peace, I think it has something to do with the things that Jesus has been doing in my life. I had a wonderful conversation with Jesus last night, I just poured out my heart to Him. I prayed about the needs that I've seen in other peoples lives. This way of praying is so much better than the way I had been doing it.

It seems concrete now that I'll be going to camp in July. I'll just be taking it easy, I have scars to prove I'm not just being difficult. I'll be the only girl from our church going, which will be odd. At HCC there were always lots of people that would go to camp. At BBC camp hasn't been promoted like it was at HCC. At least I'll have some people I know going.

I finished the 2nd Elsie Dinsmore book today, man... I always hold back tears when I read the last half of that book.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


This past year has been a blur, it seems like my Spiritual life was kind of put off for school. Oh yes, I did my devotions every night, I came to every Awana meeting, I encouraged others, I listened to other's problems, I went to church. But I seemed to feel very numb to things.

I have been living a life that was not filled.

I just didn't realize that the things I do, these "good things", are supposed to be in response the love of Jesus. It should be for Jesus.
God has been showing me things today and before today that showed me I wasn't living a full life. In Sunday school we are reading through a book called My Heart- Christ's Home, by Robert Boyd Munger.

I battled tears today because of what was read, in the story Jesus is waiting for this person in the living room so they can have a quiet time. The person at the beginning of his Christian walk would always come for those quiet times but he came less and less because he was just "too busy" but Christ said He would always be there.
He said, "The trouble is that you have been thinking of the quiet time, of Bible study and prayer, as a means for your own spiritual growth. This is true, but you have forgotten that this time means something to me also. Remember, I love you. At a great cost I have redeemed you. I value your fellowship. Just to have you look up into my face warms my heart. Don't neglect this hour if only for my sake. Whether or not you want to be with me, remember I want to be with you. I really love you!"

I held back my tears as I heard that. He loves me. Me! This stupid girl that has been following the pattern set down without doing those things with the knowledge that Christ loves me. He wants me to do those things for Him.

Oh man. That little book (and when I say little I mean small. It's 27 pages long and it's about 3'' wide and 6'' long) hasn't been the only way God has laid this on my heart. I've been reading the Elsie Dinsmore books again, how I wished I had her faith. A child-like faith, she told her dear Savior about all her troubles and joys. I so want to talk to Him like that, I want to tell Him about my day. But I seem to have lost the ability to express my heart, but I think with His help I will have prayer times like I haven't had in a long time.

In youth group we've been talking about spiritual battles and that finally pounded it into my head, God wants me to be alive and living for Jesus, Satan wants me to wither away.

Oh, God is so good. He didn't leave me alone, even though I've been confused for a while. I don't think I'm done learning about this whole thing, so this is just where I'm at now.

Oh and on a note of happiness, one of Kristy's friends is going to have a baby. She got married last year and I'm so happy for her. I've known her since I was wee and Kristy's known her since they were wee. I got to help set up for her wedding. I'm so happy for her! :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ankle update + pictures

My cast is off, I now have a stirrup thing. It's quite odd and I've found a shoe that I can wear. Three more weeks, approximately, with this thing on.

Even though Dr. Bacon gave me good news I felt a little depressed and worn down. I almost fainted, as in my parents were holding me up and if they hadn't gotten a wheel chair to me in time I would have fallen down. I'll tell you the reasons, this lady was in there and she had surgery on her toes a few days ago. All her toes were bleeding and there were pins sticking out of her. Reason #2 I pulled off the tape that was put on 3 weeks ago and I pulled a scab with it (accidentally). So yeah. But then I felt better. Dad even forgot to take pictures of me he was so concerned about me fainting. Oh don't worry he took pictures before the near fainting episode.

It's an odd feeling to have my foot all by itself, with the stirrup on I look like I have a wooden leg (if I'm wearing long pants). I can walk around the house without the stirrup and I can even take a bath (oh man, that'll feel SOOOOOO good!) but not for too long. My incisions look good, kind of. And yeah.

My foot cramps up sometimes and I'm not sure why. I have more gory details but I'll spare you all for now. Unless you reaaaaalllly want to know. ;)

I have to do some exercises like drawing the ABC's with my foot and grabbing a towel like a monster with my toes. XD That made me happy. But the exercises are lame and hard.

I (being the smart girl I am) didn't bring my crutches, I didn't think I'd need them. I was wrong and I ended up holding on to Dad while hopping. So after all that my left leg felt like it had run a mile.

Things are getting to be like they used to be though. I'm struggling with an attitude of "I WANT TO BE DONE. NOW." But I pray that God will give me patience.

The picture of the cow is my favorite signature, we stopped by the C's house so Mary could sign my cast. I like her drawing best. I hadn't seen her for too long so I was glad to see her.

Oh, and I soaked and washed my foot, so it looks a lot better.

Ninja Frog

A frog! My Mom and Barbarosa were outside when this little fella jumped off of something and onto that plant. An amazing feat, for the froggie as well as Barbarosa. He captured the shot.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yesterday I started reading 3 books, I haven't read like that in a while. I finished one of the books today, it was 438 pages long. I was up until 2 in the morning and I slept in till 1p.m.

:sheepish look:

The books I read were these:

Night is really intense and scary, it's a story about Elie's experience in a concentration camp. Really sad, intense book. I'm less than halfway through it.

The second book was also intense, dealing with issues of slavery, trusting God, and the Civil War. It was pretty good. I like Lynn Austin's writing style. This book was very different from the other ones I've read, the Chronicles of the Kings. Those are good books.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye is good. I've read Boy meets girl and Not Even a Hint. Good stuff all of them.

So yeah, I think I have some more books coming soon. I think we'll watch Forever Young tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I like this picture. So, yesterday I found some jeans at the thrift store for $3.50 aaaand they fit! I like them a lot. I'm guessing they cost about 80 bucks originally. Score!

John is on graveyard so he's home in the day and gone at night. He was telling me about the marriage laws in Colorado. Can people actually get married at 14 there? Probably not.

Ah, only a little more than 2 days before I get this cast off. Tomorrow I want to start walking, but maybe I'll put it off until Thursday. I really stressed out my ankle yesterday. I walked around the house without crutches. *thinks that was really dumb and hopes that I didn't injure myself* So today I've been taking it easy. I can actually stand on it now, it's kind of amazing.

I realized how overwhelming this whole situation really was. But I never saw it, I only took things one day at a time. Or else my head would have exploded. God only let me know what I needed to know. I looked at the journal entry's since the accident and over all I've had a really good attitude. Which is really amazing. God has been the one giving me all the strength I need to do this. Without His strength I would have been lost. I found a passage from Job that I had written done in my prayer journal about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

"But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. My feet have closely followed his steps; I have kept to his way without turning aside. I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread." Job 23:10-12

This has been my situation. I've been tested, and when He's finished I'll come out as gold. His word has been my strength, sometimes the only thing encouraging me.

But I've stumbled through this, it's not like I've turned away from the faith. But my attitudes have not been right, I haven't paid as much attention to God's Word as I should have. Thank the Lord for His grace and forgiveness.

It's been an interesting ride and it's not over yet.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I think I have dog in my throat

I got to hold this kind of puppy. Except really cute.

Boomer was up on my bed this morning, I lifted him up. Mom and I were talking about books and then I let Boomer up. He wouldn't be able to get up by himself, he's such an old man. When he got up he kept licking me, he was pretty grateful to be with us. Then Chato jumped up and Boomer almost bit her head off.

There were about 600 people that graduated from SK, sooooo I guess they made good time. But it seemed really long. The Principle mentioned Bob Pritchard in his speech. Bob is an old man that has served God for a long time. So that was cool. Bob graduated from SK in 1920. I found a verse last night,
Bob and his wife

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody." 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Bob and his wife worked with young life for a long time. Alda died recently. But our lives ("us" being Christians) should be winning people's respect.

Dad got us in early.... *cough* Using his handicapped daughter. Sooo yeah, we sat on the floor. As in the floor that the people graduated on, we were not in the stands. We were sitting kind right by the stands, right in front of them. I was sitting so that I was almost in the middle of the rows of grads. Pretty funny sitting there. But it was really nice not having to climb stairs.

At Tiffany's grad party we just hung out, which was cool. Tiffany is going to go to Trinity in the fall.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


So Bella just asked me if Boomer was a girl and I said "yes".... I am so ABSENTMINDED RIGHT NOW!!!! Then I was said, "Uh, I mean NO!"

Yesterday was Tiffany's grad party, it was fun. Today Dad and I went to the graduation. Maybe I'll write about it later, but I have a headache and as you know I'm quite absentminded now.

Last night this Mom was talking about how she wants me to meet her son... Hahaha! He's about 6' 4'' or so probably taller. He was at the graduation too, he was videotaping for SK. Soooo yeah. Interesting stuff.

I think I'll go get some food, but I think I'm dehydrated. I need to drink more water.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nacho Libre

So funny. Go see it, RIGHT NOW.

There are so many funny points, I laughed really hard. Like the love song Jack Black sings, when his Monk robey thing catches on fire, and the corn in the eye scene. To name a few.

Kristy, Max, Bella, John and I saw it last night.

I'm really tired. I'm going to Tiffany's graduation party later today and Kristy is going to make me ride around on the handi cart at Target.

Bella is singing some song, my Dad just sent her up here. Kristy said she's been doing this since she got up. >_<

Friday, June 16, 2006


Happy birthday Lauren! She is 18 today.

Happiest of Birthdays


John (also known as Barbarosa, my brother) is 25 years old today.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fake, fake nails

So my nails have gotten quite long, I painted them red so now they look fake. I call them fake, fake nails.

Last night the phone rang, Mom brought it over and said, "It's one of the C. girls." She invited me over to their house the next day. So I asked if it was Caroline or Mary or Kaity. The answer was no to all of them. I was dying trying to figure out who it was, but it was Madeline. NOT one of the C. girls.

So today I went to their house, Madeline is staying there until her family comes back from Tamarack. We had SO MUCH FUN. We origamied and drew on the C.'s floor (they are replacing their floor and so we could draw on it) we drew a Merman. But it was supposed to be Madeline's outline, but then Caroline drew a mustache on her face. That was fun.

We played Scum, I was only scum twice the rest of the time I was citizen and of course Caroline was El Presidante. She's a mean card player... We played cards while listening to Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service. It was quite fun.

We went to Gramama's house, Madeline and I played with Milton (the cat with the flexible tooth) and George (Milton's brother) was even coaxed out. Milton is a fat, fat cat. He is a normal size but he weighs about 30 pounds... So when he jumps off the couch you can see the whish, whish of his flesh. He was licking and biting Madeline. Funny cat.

We decided to go to a movie, so we went to Over the Hedge. Don't see it, it's really not worth it. The one funny thing I heard was this vermin exterminator ninja jumping out of a car and shooting a net at a pink flamingo then he said, "Curse you plastic molder! Those flamingos.... So realistic." Aaaaand, the guy who did all the music and singing needs to be shot or lynched or something. But we had fun. Before it started Madeline (she's a ballerina) did this twirly thingy (because Caroline asked her to) and she fell into Caroline, knocked over her drink and spilled it all over the floor. It was funny.

Also there's this cat in the movie and I couldn't place his voice, but I knew it was familar, so I looked it up online. He was in the Mummy and he was the prison warden. Omid Djalili. I was like, "Ooooooh, I get it now." Thank goodness for the IMDB, I probably would have gone crazy being bugged by that.

Caroline has skillz when it comes to using crutches, like major skillz.

So it was waaaaaay fun. Sadly Mary was doing her super nanny job so she couldn't hang out with us.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"and miles from where you are..."

So, I've been listening to the new Snow Patrol album. I'm liking it, I think one of my favorites is the song Set the Fire to the Third Bar, another is the You Could Be Happy song.

Today in the origami adventures of Elyse I made an elephant wearing pajamas, it looks really cute. Although I don't think most elephants have yellow skin.... :purses lips:

I think I'll go take a shower today, it's such an ordeal. :grump: But I do so love to be clean.

Boomer has tried to lick my toes twice in the last couple days, BLASTED DOG! He should know by now that I despise my toes being licked. Chato does that too, but with her she's going at like 500 times the speed of old Boomer dog. So usually I just take my foot out of range.

Mom and I went to drop off a picture at her friend Bonnie's house. I usually don't call her Bonnie, but I don't like using last names too much online. Anyway, we stayed for a while and watched some videos of her daughter Alyssa on the Logos 2.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A girly post

Mom and I went out today, aaaaand we went to Target. I tried on these things: a skirt, a dress, a shirt, gauchos and some other stuff not worth mentioning. I like the skirt and shirt, maybe I'll get them later. But I got the gauchos and the dress. SOOOO yeah. I like the gauchos, they're long and brown.

Now, these shoes I think these are not cool. But they have some black ones at Target aaaand I'm not too sure about them. I think they're cute, but I'm not really sure. The metallic and multi-colored flats are dumb but the black ones are pretty cool. I might get those too. But I don't want to spend my money wastefully.

Aaaaaand, I've been having some fun with origami sticky note stuffs. I've made a heart, a butterfly and a wreath thing that didn't turn out too well.

Monday, June 12, 2006

This is how it began

So this morning in the bathroom, while washing my face, I was singing Lonely Day by System of a Down. I got back to my room and turned on the radio, can you guess what was playing?

Soooo skip past all the boring-ness, well I did talk to Caroline and we decided that we would be meeting today. So I dropped of a card at her house. Man, it was good to see her and Kaity and Mrs. C again.

Then we headed over to Becky's house, where the meeting would take place. What meeting? You may ask, well the meeting of myself and Kaits. We met and then Becky, Kaits and I played games for a couple hours. Which was fun. I beat them in Personality Preference. After that we left for the movie theater to watch Cars.

It was pretty good, not as good as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles or any of the others. But still a good movie.

The crowd: Almost as bad as Bangor. Oh man, they were clapping and laughing really hard. Soooo yeah, like the crowd at Bangor a few years back (only Kristy will get that).

It was good to meet Kaits, I hope I'll get to see her again.

Mom and I drove home and can you guess what song was on the radio? Yup, Lonely Day. :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday knews, uh... I mean news!

Happy Birthday Ruth!
Ruth being one of my sisters, no she does not live in the middle east and wear clothing of that land all the time. She just happens to travel. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

This elephant has died.

:edit: Okay so I forgot the story part. *IMA TARD*

I walked today. Like using both of my feet, I hope I didn't do anything to my ankle. I only took about 4 steps. It was kind of amazing. I'll have to wait a couple more weeks before I'm walking around normally.

I would like to say that Benjamin Gibbard is amazing, especially when he made the Postal Service album. I don't agree with his other views, but he's a good musician.

I think that's about all I have to say... No, wait.

I realized yesterday that I really thought I could do anything after my surgery, but I couldn't. I don't mean right after, I mean the week after. I'd get so tired. Even now I'm not up to speed, but I'm doing better. It's funny how my mind was all ready to go out shopping at Target but my body had other ideas. I wish I could study what they did to me, like the affects it had on my body. The really small stuff.

I think I'd like to go to college and get a biology degree, I just really don't want to collect anymore bugs. I hated doing that. Oh well, that's a few years off.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Oh my word. Mom and I went to Pets n Pals today, to look at the kittens. *smile* No cat is yet living here. We're still hoping Fuzzball is alive, maybe he's just taking a vacation. *shrug*

But back to the cute kitties, ooooooooo! So cute. One of them was sick, it'll probably die. :'( I want a kitty cat. But for 79 bucks!?! No thanks. Oh well.

On to the other subject: my parents. They love me so much, I guess I didn't realize how much.

"because the LORD disciplines those he loves,
as a father the son he delights in." -Proverbs 3:12

My Dad does stuff to protect me, not to make my life miserable. I guess I've always known that but recently it's become very obvious. It's because he loves me so much. Our relationship has grown and changed since he had cancer and now that he's been retired for almost two years we know each other better than before. We have

People don't reprimand someone they have no attachment to or no love for, they do it because they don't want to see that person get hurt.

I've asked my Dad's advice about stuff in the last couple days... He's answered wisely. Just like my Mom, we were talking about a situation in the car today. Things just started to make sense. Because by myself I'd be absolutely lost, but with God and people who are in authority in my life I receive wisdom.

Here's a good post by Heidi on the subject.

My Dad's relationship with me has grown and changed since he had cancer and now that he's been retired for almost two years we know each other better than before. We have a lot of fun just bugging each other. A couple days ago I hobbled outside and I saw my Dad working on the car with his tongue out. (It's my families genetic concentration trait. I've caught myself doing it while I'm walking, it takes a bit of concentration to use crutches.) Anyway, I walked over to him and stuck my tongue out, he just started laughing.

Anyhooo, back to the cat subject. It seems to me that most of the animals we've owned were just kind of dropped into our laps. So if God decides we need a cat, He will provide the best one for us. I do miss Fuzzball.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wonderful day

I walked around in the backyard today, it amazed me at how much it has all grown since the last time I really looked. Down the walk to the front yard there are orange poppies, so gorgeous. Oh my word, it was amazing. I want to go and take pictures of them tomorrow. But everything has grown up, just in the last month. Very cool. Today was beautiful, everything is so green, the sky is blue and there is a breeze.

Ruth called (my sister that lives in England) so Mom talked to her for a while. I waited outside, I got into the car, opened both doors and laid down on the front seats. But it was quite sunny so I got out the umbrella and propped it over the door and the car. It was very, very comfy. Boomer was sunning himself a couple feet away.

We went to the library and I saw Noah, Noah and I have known each other for... About 3 years. We do testing at the same place and he was in the driver's ed class before mine. Anyway we had a nice talk. Then I saw him and Travis at the store. So that was nice.

We got home and there were two messages, from Mrs. Johnson. She said she had a plant for me and would like to bring it by. But we said we would come and pick it up... So we did.
This is the second time I've been to her house, the first time I was doing yard work with my youth group for elderly people. She has a little dog named Shatsi, funny little thing. When Mom and I were walking to the car Shatsi got in the car, it took some doing to get her out. That was entertaining. But we had a nice visit with Mrs. Johnson and her son.

John did the mentos and diet coke thing. We (Dad, Mom, John and I) went over to the park (right next to our house) and did it in the parking lot. It wasn't quite as impressive as 100-something bottles, but it was fun. And.... I got to swing! I love swinging. It's still a lovely day.

Oh, and I have a prayer request. Our cat Fuzzball has not been seen for quite some time. We think he might be dead, we just want to know for sure. So if you would pray for us to find him (either alive or not) that would be great.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Something light hearted


And Barbarosa just came home with mentos and diet coke... >_>


Alcoholic beverages

This is a paper written by my good friend Mary C.

"Throughout history, men have manufactured and drank alcoholic beverages. References to wine appear throughout the Bible, sometimes in a positive light—Jesus and his disciples drank wine frequently—and sometimes in a negative light. But the context for alcoholic beverages has changed greatly in the past two thousand years. In the time of Christ, wine was highly diluted and thus, when drunk in moderation, had very little effect on the drinker. Now, however, the alcohol content is much higher in alcoholic beverages of all types, making it difficult to discern how much of a drink is moderate. Because of the consequences that accompany alcohol consumption, the many side effects of alcohol, and the ever-present temptation to overindulge, 21st century Christians should not drink alcohol.

In the many alcoholic beverages available, there is a wide range in the amount of alcohol the drink contains. For instance, wine can contain from 7% alcohol to 24% alcohol, a vast difference in alcohol content. Beer can contain from 2.5% to 9% alcohol, and distilled spirits such as vodka, whiskey, and rum can have alcohol contents that range from 30% to 90%. Drunk in higher quantities, alcoholic beverages—particularly distilled spirits—affect the brain and motor functions with surprising force. Unfortunately, these statistics are little known by those who drink alcohol, causing them to exceed moderate levels.

Alcoholic drinks of any kind have serious health repercussions, similar to those of illegal drugs. Though some health benefits have been discovered in moderate alcohol consumption, the risks of drinking far outweigh the advantages. When drunk often or in large quantities, alcohol deteriorates inner tissues and can over time completely destroy the liver. It also severely damages brain cells and has been shown to considerably reduce the size of the brain. Most of these symptoms appear even in those who drink temperately, and can have serious long term effects, comparable to those marijuana inflicts. If Christians are opposed to illegal drugs, why do they allow alcohol, a drug in itself, into their homes?

One of the greatest difficulties with alcohol is the temptation involved. Even if a person is able to discern a moderate drink size and attempts to maintain that standard, the temptation to drink excessively still arrives in many situations. Even when drunk in low quantities, alcohol temporarily lowers concentration, delays reflexes, impairs coordination, and eliminates judgment skills. The power of a sound mind is instantly removed when alcohol enters the blood stream, and opens a doorway to sin. If we openly and consistently present a stumbling block to ourselves, we will sooner or later give in to that temptation. The best way of avoiding this is to eliminate all alcohol from our homes so that we are not presented with the temptation to over-drink.

Though many people believe that alcohol has positive effects on the drinker, the negative effects are far greater than the slight benefits. Alcohol eliminates the ability to fully function and impairs the body’s essential organs. It provides a constant stumbling block for those who choose to drink it, and, in beverages, is contained in mostly uncertain levels, making it difficult for the drinker to discern a moderate drink size. Because of this, 21st century Christians should not drink alcohol, or alcoholic beverages."


:edit: Here's a good Fred. Now you shall read about the bad Fred.

I am completely in awe and confusion about Fred Phelps, the crazy old man that thinks we are all going to hell, that God hates soldiers and that's why they die. He prays for hurricanes and for the deaths of evil doers (aka all of us unfortunate enough to not be in his church, which they claim are all prophets that have never sinned.

Am I the only one that wants to go over to him and beat some sense into him? No. But even if we all did he would continue on in his craziness. He says he's 100% right. Apparently he and his 75 followers (most of whom happen to be family) go for the 1-10 sin scale. You know, well that lie was only a 2 so it's not as bad as that person's 10. They say that when gay men die, God laughs. I say that sin is a black and white issue, I say that we have all sinned. Liars, murderers and the sexually immoral will all be in the same boat, if they do not accept God's forgiveness.


Here's a link to a story about it, granted it is the News tribune, so it's quite left-ist and all for the gay people. So read it with discretion.

Ponder this verse, because what Fred Phelps is preaching is not the gospel that is preached from the Bible.

"But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!"
Galatians 1:8

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Being helped

Seeing as I am mobility impaired people find it necessary to help me. If you ask my family they will say, "Help her, but not too much. She hates that." So true.

I finally got to go to youth group tonight. :)

The guys there were quite nice, the girls were too. But I suppose this post is mostly about getting help from guys. It's different. I opened my door and Adam came running over, I suppose he thought he was going to open the door for me. Then Josh opened the church door really wide for me and he walked with me back to the youth area. Chris has been talking about my injury to people, I have the distinct feeling that he's been praying for me. Chris has a very tender heart, nice guy.

I don't know why it's hard for me to accept help, but sometimes it just is.

I would encourage all my guy friends to do those nice things for girls, even if they blush. I do that, mostly because when they help me it takes me a long time to do stuff now. So guys, do those things because girls do actually appreciate it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Did you know that I've always wanted to...

Do this? Well, now you do.

Dad and I just finished watching Shall We Dance, no not the dumb J Lo film. The good wholesome, funny old movie.

It's not like I can go gliding around the stage (not that I could even do it with both legs) now, but I always thought it would be fun.

When I was little I wanted to be a tap dancer, of course I also wanted to be a ballerina, and you all know where that's led me... No where.

Okay, okay so maybe I just want to dance around the stage with Fred Astaire, amazing guy.

I've always thought Ginger was really, really cool. She's my hero... Kind of. XD

I suppose I'll never do that, but I have my dreams. But Madeline was saying something about signing up for ballroom dancing class this summer, she said that I should join her...


:edit: Doesn't it look like Fred is scratching Ginger's head?

Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey everyone, I hope I didn't ruin any food you were trying to digest when you looked at the pictures. I would like to say that any spots you see are dried blood. I was looking at my leg and there was (and still is, I'll have to scrub to get the mole-ish looking thing off) little bits of blood on my leg. Nasty.

Anyway, so yeah I got my staples out, that was really painful. It felt kind of like being pinched except more painful. I was laying down while Chris (he was in fact there) pulled 'em out. I was trying to concentrate on breathing, I moaned on some of them. But it went really quickly. So now there's tape over the cuts. No gushing blood though.

Sorry to gross you all out but my foot looks a lot better than it did 2 weeks ago. It looked like this.

:edit: That gross leg from the link is not my own. My leg looked maybe 1/2 as gross.

But as you can see in the picture with my face in it, I'm looking happy. Well, I was very happy when I left the cast room. Because Dr. Bacon said this cast stays on for 3 weeks, in those 3 weeks I get to put more and more weight on my leg until I'm full weight bearing. And.... The x-ray looks really good, no swelling and stuff. So my body is healing.

Praise the Lord, He is so good. I was afraid that I really hurt myself when I landed full body weight on my ankle when I tripped. But it looks good.

I'll try and get the new x-ray picture up here soon. I have to scan it first. Dr. Bacon asked me to count my screws, there are 8 on the plate and 2 on the other side. That's right 2, I thought there was just one. Anyway, I hope that you guys didn't faint or anything. :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

These shall be leaving me on the morrow

Okay, okay so maybe mine don't look evil like the one on the left does. Anyway, I hope Chris is there tomorrow. He was nice, although sarcastic and a little bitter. I like making friends with the staff. Oh and Chris is probably about 40 so... =D

I think I'll get a black cast. I have a mint green one now, that doesn't really go with everything. Here's a link to a picture of my cast. As you can see my toes look quite... Hideous. You can thank the surgery for the color. And I'm not sure why my foot looks really big, weird camera angle.

I saw a cute baby at the store today. He was probably about 6 months old and he was going to town on a blueberry bagel. I was just sitting in the Starbucks area trying to make him smile. Cute, cute kid.


This is horrible.

One family had hope, but it was ripped away from them. The other family thought they lost a daughter. But then it was reversed, how horrible and wonderful at the same time. But I found the blog that the VanRyn family had going and this was posted today.

I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my Rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my Rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies. In my distress I call to the Lord; I cry to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears. He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him for who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior! Therefore I will praise you amoung the nations, O Lord; I will sing praises to your name. (Psalm 18) This is our prayer this morning, as we continue to trust Jesus Christ our Savior. He is there for all of us and for you. God's Word is sufficient, no matter what your circumstance.

Posted by Lisa Van Ryn

Here's the link to that blog.