Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No. I cannot. I Will not.

I was goofing around on the internet and I saw a picture of a toe being operated on. With the skin peeled up.

I cannot imagine my ankle like that. But it was like that. I also cannot imagine them taking a drill and drilling into my bones, it just can't be imagined. I'd probably die or something in the process.

I still think it's wicked awesome that I have screws in my ankle. =D

Am I the only person on this planet that finds it odd to have staples in my leg??? People just look at me like it's normal. No. Stitches are normal, I could handle that. But I've used a stapler, can I imagine the nurses stapling my skin together? No. Nor do I want to. It'll be bad enough having them take the staples out on Friday.

But seriously, does anyone else find it creepy to have staples in my leg? :glare:

I was operated on the 18th and Chato (Kristy's puppy) was spayed in the same week. She's pretty tiny even though she's 6 months old, she probably weighs about 10 pounds. Anyway, when I was up in SE-quim I looked at Chato's belly. I was reminded of dissecting a frog, that's what her incision reminded me of. It would be like dissecting a frog, to operate on a small dog. No, Chato is not ugly (otherwise known as a Pomeranian). She's a pug/terrier/Cocker spaniel, very cute. :edit: the above picture is Chato cowering from Boomer, the huge beast you seen on rolling on the ground. At first Chato would run away and cower in a hold when Boomer would bark, now she'll try and play with him. One time she even laid down next to him, quite cute.

Anyway, I think my whole point is, it's a good thing I was put out for the operation.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A worthy Role Model

Main Entry: Role Model
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Someone worth imitating

So if all of my faithful readers haven't already been told this some of you will learn something new.

I'm the youngest in my family, I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. My sister Kristy is (man, she'll probably shoot me for saying this) older than me, yes I know it's kind of obvious. That whole "older sister" thing. She was already in college when I was born. So I was like a toy to my sisters, I think Barbarosa just glared at me all the time for daring to be born.

Kristy lived with in my room when she got out of college, so we were pretty close. I was thinking about that last night, one time she took some pills (probably cold pills or something) and I wanted to be just like her, so I took about 5 vitamin pills. Anything Kristy said about her body I would then take and compare it to myself. Even though I was probably about 5 then. Kristy was probably my closest friend. One time she was recording a tape and she told me about 5 million times to "NOT TOUCH THE VOLUME!" Once would have been enough, but since she told me so many times something evil stirred within me and I messed with the volume.

I guess my whole point is that Kristy was (and still is) a major influence on me, she still is my friend. I still try to emulate how she takes her faith and she lives it.

Now Kristy has kids, as you can see in the picture. Bella is 6 and I've discovered that I am to her what Kristy was to me. That astounds me. Bella likes other girls my age because of me.

I have influence on this girl's life. The things that I want her to become are similar to what I want to become, I want to be more like Jesus every day. If I can help her grow in her faith at all and make her follow God as I try to. I will probably cry I will be so amazed. I want her to outdo me, I want her to go places in her life that I never would. I want her relationship with God to be 10 times better than mine is right now.

I want to be her friend, mentor and a worthy role model. But for now I'm satisfied with her tackling me.

I hope you all realize that you all have someone that looks up to you, someone that thinks you are the bomb. Remember that when you say stuff they listen, remember that they are trying to be like you, try to be someone worth imitating.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hodgepodge: add Purity, Energy drinks and Spider solitaire, stir and bake at 350

So I got to go to church today.... :) That was good, the music was good and the sermon was good. The sermon was the last in the series covering Daniel. The sermon was about the resurrection.

I think my favorite song they did was the hymn It is well with my soul. When peace like a river attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea-billows roll, Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to know; "It is well, it is well with my soul." Tho' Satan should buffet, tho' trials should come, Let this blest assurance control, That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate, And hath shed his own blood for my soul. My sin - oh, the bliss of this glorious thought! My sin - not in part but the whole, Is nailed to His cross and I bear it no more; Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my soul. And, Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight, The clouds be rolled back as a scroll, The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend- A song in the night, oh my soul !

I even got to stay for Sunday school, the subject was purity. Always good to pound it into youngins heads. Jen (our Sunday school leader) had to bring her son into the class because someone took him out of nursery. Paul is going to be 2 years old in November. I think Jen and Jeff have been married for like 3 years, or about that. Jeff is our youth leader. Anyway, Paul was used as an object lesson (a really cute one, mind you) about purity. Most people don't think about consequences of their actions. As they say, for every action there is a reaction. I'm pretty sure most teenage girls that are pregnant didn't expect to get pregnant. But that's just because they don't consider the consequences. Jen was saying that you have to have lots of patience (or learn to have patience) when you have a baby.
Anyway Paul was adorable as usual. He had some teddy bear gram crackers still in the package and he was eating out of it, then he dumped it on the floor. Jen looked over and just gave this kind of sigh and "I'm so used to you doing that" look. Then she put it back in the bag, about 5 minutes later he dumped it out again. Really funny. Then he took out all the playthings in the room, he kept handing me this soccer ball thingy and poking my toenails.

I didn't get to go to youth group. :weep:

Oh my word, Barbarosa just walked in the room and popped open a pop can, I asked him what he had. And... Dundadundah!!! It was a Superman energy drink. He took a drink and went, "Blegh, blegh, blegh." Eww... I can smell it now.

A word of advice, don't buy the Superman energy drink. You would think that SoBe would do better, but I've heard it tastes like cough syrup and Barbarosa said it tastes like your mouth does after they put Novocain in there. XP

Speaking of energy drinks my driver's ed teacher, Mr. Rogers, used to always have a Rockstar for each class. (I miss driving... :kri:)

So I've gotten into this habit of playing Spider Solitaire to brighten my existence on the couch, I've played it before. But have I won 10 straight games in a row before? No. Now I'm moving from easy to harder. If I tried the hardest I'd die 100% of the time. For medium hard I only die 87% of the time. Now Mom is playing, I regret showing her the game now. She's obsessed I tell you! Obsessed!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lost, the love of my life...

So I finally watched the season finally last night...

For those of you that haven't seen it don't read this post.

Anyway, I would like to let the world know, I'm so glad that Ana Lucia got shot. Oh my word, I'm so glad. I find her repulsive, I also find Sawyer repulsive but I don't think that he will be shot.

The characters I love are these, Charlie (<3<3<3 Dom), Mr. Eko, Sun, Jin, Rose and Bernard, possibly Claire when she's not being physco.

Anyway, what a way to leave us hanging!!! They left us pondering if 6 characters are dead,or will be. Then they brought something new and they left us there. Hanging. :glare: I might not sound fuming right now, but I really am. I'll I'm saying is that they better not kill off Jack, Kate and Mr. Eko. They can kill Locke, he's annoying.

Okay so, my Dad and I were watching Pretender and I heard a door knock, I thought it was my Grandma (she lives across the street) but I heard Mrs. Reich's voice. I was in disbelief; she used to come over to help me with homework, drop off biology stuffs, etc. She came over to return some movies.

Anyway, good times.

But I get so bored just sitting here watching movies and stuff. I think I'm going to church tomorrow and I hope I'm going to youth group. I didn't go last week because I was recovering from surgery.

Friday, May 26, 2006

*bounces up and down*

Alright, so as you can see.... I have a picture of an electric cart, you might be thinking "Elyse would NEVER do that!"


Okay, yeah. I rode a cart. But I have good reasons, in fact I shall list them.

1. My ankle is broken, I went to Target and by the time I got to the shoe section I just wanted to go home. So said more clearly, using crutches for long distances is not peachy.

2. I'm in SE-quim, I know no one here.

3. I got to hit Kristy a couple times.

But there are some concerns I have about those carts, the "horn" is a pathetic beep. PATHETIC I SAY!!!! If I'm grumpy and some punk person is blocking the road do you think I was a "beep" to let them know I'm not pleased with their positioning??? No. I want a horn.

*edit* I would not beep my horn at anyone, I was not really, really mad at them. I meant that if you have a horn on a cart it should be a horn, not a beep.

Also, there are some people that just don't get it. I was (what verb shall I use?) motoring down the isle and some lady and her cart were there, I was like, "That's alright I can fit." The another lady put her cart in the middle of the isle. Kristy muttered something about how sensitive they were.

But there were some really nice older men that I met while I was out. The first one was at Safeway and he asked me what I did and how I did it. Then he told me that he had broken his hip riding his bike and he rode into a wall. Kristy walked up and said something about how cute that was. The second man told me how to use the cart.

So that was my adventure today. I'll admit that using the cart was actually fun, but it would have been cooler if it had gone faster, had a horn, and maybe a cattle pusher.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

My ankle

Beauty, eh? Yes this is my ankle. Notice the awesome staples, actually they won't be so awesome when I get them out on the 2nd. Funny how the screws actually look like screws, huh? For some reason I thought they would look more.... Different. Ah so cool. But my ankle looks so gross. All bruised, my leg is bruised yellow, my toes are swollen and bruised purple. But at least I don't have to look at my foot all the time, when the nurse took the splint off I had to lay down it was nasty. Something about seeing office supply's holding your skin together, and dried blood. 7 inches long for the plate and about 2 for the screw. So nasty.

Something to keep you ocupodo

The names of this story have been edited to protect the innocent.

This is about the first day of my broken ankles existence.

May 10, 2006

I’m usually a very cautious person, people will testify to this, I’ve learned from experience that doing stuff that I’ve never done before usually ends in embarrassment. Like at camp a couple years ago, they had a blob. Everyone said I should go on it, so I did… I believe I went on it 3 times, out of those 3 times I only successfully “blobbed” once. So if something involves me jumping off of a solid object onto an uncertain future I will most likely not do it.

Now on to the beginning, my Mommie Dearest and myself were visiting some friends at their house. I was outside with the people my age and we were doing things, I was sitting on this lovely swing just enjoying the peace and my friends had been (for days) telling me I really, really needed to go on the zip line. I was looking at the zip line for a long time, and then I said, “Alright, I’ll do it.” So everyone came out to watch. *laughs evilly* My friends told me I needed to sign the liability form before I went on it, and I believed them at first. I told my Mom my last request, to have them play Great Is Thy Faithfulness at my memorial service. Then I went, well, I went about an inch in the right direction and 4 feet down. But see that really comes out to about 11 feet from my head to the ground.

Everyone came running over, my Mom and my friend’s Mom began taking off my shoe and doing all those other things. See, if I had landed in the sitting position I probably would’ve been fine, but all my weight landed on my right ankle. I think somehow the top of my ankle hit first, there was a beauty of a bruise right away. My friends had these reactions, staring at me worriedly and whimpering. I kept telling everyone it was alright, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. But that didn’t make them feel any better. I really wished I could make them feel better.

It was quite the ordeal getting me from the backyard up the stairs, into the house, through the house, out the door, down more stairs, and too the car.

I don’t think it would be right to forget about what the Petersons did to help me, they got me water and I think they brought me a pain pill. They helped me inside and sat me down to rest, with my leg propped up on a pillow. Mrs. Peterson really wanted Mom to use her jeep to take me to the E.R. They were really very nice, and well… Quite a bit guilt stricken.

Anyway, my Mom and I went home…. My Dad wasn’t happy, but we headed off to Silverdale to the E.R. So we waited for a long time and they finally let us in. At that point my ankle looked really bad, like I had a tumor on one side of my ankle. I got x-rays, the man that did them was very nice. But really people, pulling on my ankle REALLY didn’t feel good. I suppose he had to get it in the right position, but it wasn’t pleasant.

My Mom and I went into the “casting room” a very nice lady nurse helped me, she even got the best doctor for me. The doctor came in and said, “You’ve got two fractures on two bones.” She said something about 6-8 weeks in a cast, seeing an Orthopedic doctor, and perhaps surgery… “SURGERY?!” Methinks. That’s when I cried a little, I didn’t cry when I fell at that moment I was groaning in pain. But surgery? Argh!! I didn’t want this to be a huge ordeal, but it seemed that it was becoming that.

On to the more important things, the nurse brought in crutches she showed me how to use them. Then I was alone in the casting room with my crutches, and I named them. Yes, I named my crutches but just wait it gets better. Chuck and Bertha, I decided. Chuck was more stripy and Bertha was blotchy. The nurse put a splint on me, which wasn’t too painful. It looked really creepy though, this huge malformed splint on my leg. Didn’t look natural.

I told Kristy about my leg, she already knew because John told her. But she laughed so hard at me when I told her how, see it’s kind of a Snelson trait. We break bones doing seemingly simple things, like ramming a toe on a chair leg, or head banging/dancing around and breaking a toe (that was not me).

On the car ride home, well actually ever since I had gone on the zip line I had been speaking to God about it, asking for strength, wisdom, patience and peace. I was voicing my fears about the surgery, and how I really didn’t want to have that. I heard a song that really voiced my heart at the moment, the words spoke of how I cannot comprehend the plans God has made. Which is really big even now, 13 days later. I’ve been learning things that I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t been through this.

Whew, it was good to get home that night. I crawled up the stairs, really frustrated with my handicap. Dad documented that homecoming, thanks…. I was close to crying, but now we have some funny pictures.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New blog

I'm back. I've been gone since August.

I'll find something to post about later.