Monday, May 29, 2006

A worthy Role Model

Main Entry: Role Model
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Someone worth imitating

So if all of my faithful readers haven't already been told this some of you will learn something new.

I'm the youngest in my family, I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. My sister Kristy is (man, she'll probably shoot me for saying this) older than me, yes I know it's kind of obvious. That whole "older sister" thing. She was already in college when I was born. So I was like a toy to my sisters, I think Barbarosa just glared at me all the time for daring to be born.

Kristy lived with in my room when she got out of college, so we were pretty close. I was thinking about that last night, one time she took some pills (probably cold pills or something) and I wanted to be just like her, so I took about 5 vitamin pills. Anything Kristy said about her body I would then take and compare it to myself. Even though I was probably about 5 then. Kristy was probably my closest friend. One time she was recording a tape and she told me about 5 million times to "NOT TOUCH THE VOLUME!" Once would have been enough, but since she told me so many times something evil stirred within me and I messed with the volume.

I guess my whole point is that Kristy was (and still is) a major influence on me, she still is my friend. I still try to emulate how she takes her faith and she lives it.

Now Kristy has kids, as you can see in the picture. Bella is 6 and I've discovered that I am to her what Kristy was to me. That astounds me. Bella likes other girls my age because of me.

I have influence on this girl's life. The things that I want her to become are similar to what I want to become, I want to be more like Jesus every day. If I can help her grow in her faith at all and make her follow God as I try to. I will probably cry I will be so amazed. I want her to outdo me, I want her to go places in her life that I never would. I want her relationship with God to be 10 times better than mine is right now.

I want to be her friend, mentor and a worthy role model. But for now I'm satisfied with her tackling me.

I hope you all realize that you all have someone that looks up to you, someone that thinks you are the bomb. Remember that when you say stuff they listen, remember that they are trying to be like you, try to be someone worth imitating.


jelvistar said...

Merci ma soeur.
Hopefully Bella will turn out okay.

todd said...

Ha! All my older siblings moved OUT! I am now the "oldest". It has a nice feel to it.
I have four little people who look up to me....If I have anything to say about it, they will all go bad. I don't like the responsibility.

Elyse said...

Todd: You weirdo.

Kaits said...

My sister is a big role model for mee too. Maybe it's something about being one of the youngest, or having 3 older brothers.

Isn't it great and yet so hard to have someone look up to you?

Elyse said...

Kaits: Yeah.

Heh, having 3 older brothers must have been fun... If that had been the case for me I would have clung to Kristy.