Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Few Things...

I bought fern green yarn today. It's made from plastic bottles and, interestingly enough, is really soft.

I like being in the middle of a knitting project. There is a sense of accomplishment and hope. At the beginning I only feel excitement and anticipation. The chance of giving up weighs heavily on my mind. I imagine the final product as I pick out my colors. Thoughts about previous failed projects fleet through my mind. But even when I fail, I still end up picking out another project. There is a sense of industry achieved that I rarely feel except when I'm crafting. You crafters know what I'm talking about..

I'm about eight and a half inches into my latest project. So that leaves about twenty-eight inches left. This could be rather discouraging, but looking at those 8.5 inches is a reminder of how working slowly really does accomplish things.. I have made progress and I can now visualize what it is actually going to look like. It's pretty.

I've never attempted anything this massive before. It'll probably take me about a billion years to finish. Oh well.

But back to the eco-friendly yarn. I like the idea of making water bottles into yarn. Plastic water bottles are kind of ridiculous, so why not use the TONS we have laying in land-fills to make something soft and cuddly?