Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ok, on Thursday I picked up my books for school and went to Jo-Ann's with mom. Then I was called to go into work, so I was gone all of Thursday.

Yesterday I went to Northwest University for a visit and now I'm pretty sure I'm going there. We just have to see how God is going to work out the finances, but I'm excited to see how He will provide (if indeed He does want me to go there). And Northwest seems really awesome. I might make a blog about my trip later when I'm not tired.

Also, it snowed yesterday.... And Thursday..... >_< Craaaaaaaaaaaazy weather.

And I just got home from work. Today the so called "poop massacre" happened. It was gruesome and smelly. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yeah. I won't give you any details here.

I've been getting up around six the past three days for various reasons, road trips, work, getting books. Anyway, that's kind of ridiculous since my first class starts at 10:30 on Monday. So I'll actually be sleeping in later in the spring quarter than in my spring break. Oh well, I got stuff done and made money. It's good.

And now I shall go sit on a comfy chair/couch or possibly my exercise ball... That thing is so comfortable! Oh man!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My epic battle for an A

Soooooooooooo.... I got the spread sheet for my biology class and it said that I got an 'A'. I rejoiced! And then I got frustrated.

I started having dreams about getting horrible grades and having to battle my biology teacher for the correct grade. I ended up having a trainer (like Karate Kid style sans violence) who taught me how to correctly challenge her.

It was an epic dream. And then I had a dream last night that she gave me a 'B' instead of an 'A'. You see, she sent us the spread sheet to make sure all of the grades were right. It was not concrete. So I was almost positive that I would end up having a 'B+'. I wasn't about to get my hopes up.

Anyway, I talked to Mary this morning and she said the grades were posted. She got an 'A' and from the spreadsheet I got an 'A'. And we both got 95% in the class. We tied for the second highest grade. (This is from the teacher that has a 45% failure rate) But I still wanted to check to make sure that all of my consideration and dreams of worst case scenarios were indeed false. So when I finally got online I logged into the portal.. lalalalla... Found my transcript link, clicked on it... It loaded.

And I sat there and stared at the monitor, dumbfounded.

Bowling: A
Psychology: A
Spanish: A
Biology: B

Not even a B+....

Dad was downstairs and I was like, "She got it wrong. It's a 'B'. A 'B'....."

"Not even a 'B+'?"

"...No.... o.o"

So then I opened up the spreadsheet and looked at it again. There I was... Madam Butterfly (Mary picked out my codename. She was Diesela. =P) It said I had 570 out of 602 which equaled a 95%.. Below me were two B's.. 81% and 85%. That's a big drop. So I sent my teacher an email that basically said, "Umm.. I'm a little confused. You had me written as an 'A' in the spreadsheet, but on my transcript it was a 'B'."

But I had to leave! So I couldn't await her reply with baited breath... So I took my printed out spreadsheet and calculator so I could add up the points myself. And indeed.. I had a 95%. So I breathed a sigh of relief.

I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and replaced, but death's cold and bony fingers still had a grip on it.


And she replied in her most serious and concerned voice that I should call the teacher when I got home. I agreed. This is my GPA after all.

Don't mess with my GPA, people.

So I called Kristy and told her my long and dramatic story and she reminded me to breath. =P I decided to call Mary and ask her to get our teacher's number because I had pretty much nothing to do.

Anyway, to end this story..... It all was fixed!!! (Not yet, but it will be) Her computer switched my grades with the guy below me.

So if he looked he was probably like, "OH MAN. AN 'A'?!! NICE."

It will be ripped from him soon enough, back to its rightful owner. So now I feel that I can sleep in peace without any dreams of good-grade-thieves stealing my hard earned good grades.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008


Don Juan issued a challenge tonight, actually it was more of an accusation. He said I should take a break from "facebook" but generally meaning the internet. So I was like, "Well... Maybe you should take a break from the xbox." So lalalala.. Mom and I went to the store and we got back and John's xbox broke. Sooooo looks like he'll be having a forced break from his greatest time waster and I'll be taking a voluntary break.

So maybe it'll start on Monday. Probably Monday because the quarter will not be over yet.

Sooo.. Doot, doot dooooo.. That's about it. I'll probably have the most productive week of my LIFE. =P Maybe I'll crochet a dog sweater... Clean out my room.... Paint my shelf black... Um... Yeah. I'll have time to do stuff. It'll be odd.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, today I was rushed by about 250 lbs of chocolate lab. What did I do? The only thing I could do.. Curl up in a ball and attempt to NOT get licked in the face.

I failed. Tonka crawled over me and got behind me and then put his paws on my head while he licked me. And Beau was in front of me licking my face. And the leashes were all messed up and I was basically on the front porch laughing and getting attacked by chocolate labs. Finally mom came out and said, "Would you like some help?"

...I'm pretty sure Dad and her laughed at me for at least half a minute first.. =P

Monday, March 10, 2008

*bangs head on desk*

I just spent like five hours psychoanalyzing my personality.


Yeah. Wow. Well, I'm almost done with the third page of my paper! Yay! One-ish more! But seriously.. Twenty extra credit points for writing a four to six page paper? YES. I will take that.

Friday, March 07, 2008


One more week of school and then finals! Which is Monday and Tuesday and I only really have one final (for Spanish, but I'm not too worried about it. We've been using pretty much everything we've learned all quarter long, sooo yeah. And it's fun!), the other two are just tests over the last week (bio) or the last three weeks (psych). So that's nice. I still have a bit of homework to do this weekend and I'm finishing up a plant lab before I head off to bed.

Yeah, I'm still going to bed early even though it's Friday night. I've gotten myself sick again, for the THIRD time this quarter.. So awesome. *sigh* Anyway.

I have four days of WASL testing next week (in order to stay in the program at my college I have to take the WASL) and I have my Spanish test, a psych and bio quiz. So, lots of testing!

And I'm going to start my job during spring break! I'll only be working for spring break though and then in the summer. I'm working at my neighbor's Doggie Daycare. It'll be good.

So that's all the exciting news! Feel up to date? Good.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is for JOO!

Kristy, be prepared for the retaliation..