Friday, March 07, 2008


One more week of school and then finals! Which is Monday and Tuesday and I only really have one final (for Spanish, but I'm not too worried about it. We've been using pretty much everything we've learned all quarter long, sooo yeah. And it's fun!), the other two are just tests over the last week (bio) or the last three weeks (psych). So that's nice. I still have a bit of homework to do this weekend and I'm finishing up a plant lab before I head off to bed.

Yeah, I'm still going to bed early even though it's Friday night. I've gotten myself sick again, for the THIRD time this quarter.. So awesome. *sigh* Anyway.

I have four days of WASL testing next week (in order to stay in the program at my college I have to take the WASL) and I have my Spanish test, a psych and bio quiz. So, lots of testing!

And I'm going to start my job during spring break! I'll only be working for spring break though and then in the summer. I'm working at my neighbor's Doggie Daycare. It'll be good.

So that's all the exciting news! Feel up to date? Good.


jelvistar said...

You need to borrow my orange chucks, they match the walls of the doggie day care. Then again, maybe not...I don't really want icky poo on them.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Most everything in this entry sounds terrible.

Father Cory said...

Did you just ask me on a date?

Elyse said...

Well, if I was speaking broken English, then yes.

But as most people interpret that, no. I was not.

Sorry, Cory. =P