Saturday, March 01, 2008

This is actually a documentary.. Yes. There are indeed crazy people out there.. Beware.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

GAAAHHHH!!! CURSE YOU DONKEY KONG!! That stupid original arcade game was one of the LAST two things Josiah and I had to do to completely beat Donkey Kong 64 and we COULDN'T BEAT THE ST*PID THING!! It was soooo frustrating! T_T

Anyway I want to see that movie now, just to watch somebody dominate at the wretched game. ¬_¬

jelvistar said...

"Whatever I say causes controversey, kind of like the abortion issue." Billy

What? Has too much hair product gone to his head?

Father Cory said...

I like grapes.

Elyse said...

ha! Well.. Umm.. I'm sorry? Or something? I want to watch it because it looks really funny and I like laughing at random things.

Probably. Or too much DK. Either way, the documentary looks pretty funny.