Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lost, the love of my life...

So I finally watched the season finally last night...

For those of you that haven't seen it don't read this post.

Anyway, I would like to let the world know, I'm so glad that Ana Lucia got shot. Oh my word, I'm so glad. I find her repulsive, I also find Sawyer repulsive but I don't think that he will be shot.

The characters I love are these, Charlie (<3<3<3 Dom), Mr. Eko, Sun, Jin, Rose and Bernard, possibly Claire when she's not being physco.

Anyway, what a way to leave us hanging!!! They left us pondering if 6 characters are dead,or will be. Then they brought something new and they left us there. Hanging. :glare: I might not sound fuming right now, but I really am. I'll I'm saying is that they better not kill off Jack, Kate and Mr. Eko. They can kill Locke, he's annoying.

Okay so, my Dad and I were watching Pretender and I heard a door knock, I thought it was my Grandma (she lives across the street) but I heard Mrs. Reich's voice. I was in disbelief; she used to come over to help me with homework, drop off biology stuffs, etc. She came over to return some movies.

Anyway, good times.

But I get so bored just sitting here watching movies and stuff. I think I'm going to church tomorrow and I hope I'm going to youth group. I didn't go last week because I was recovering from surgery.


Kaits said...

Oh, man, the season finale was great! I agree. I dispised Ana. But now my new favorite is Desmond! He's so great!

Wow, I haven't talked to you in so long!

Elyse said...

I know!!! Desmond is pretty awesome, he just needs to get over the despondency thing.

What did you think about when Pam was the last thing on the show??? It's so crazy I have no idea why they called her. My head is like exploding.

It's like all season they weren't doing like ANYTHING! But they finally did all the exciting stuff at the end.

Someoneelsebefor said...

Oh My GEE!! I was soo unbelivebly happy when Ana Lucia got shot! she was so laaaame!I hope locke dies too,look at that i don't like the crazy old man so much i didn't even cap. the first letter of his name!
*whispers*(that'll show 'em)

I like Desmond too,love the accent :)
Sun and Jin are so cute!I might like Claire if she weren't so crazy all the time.

I knew that was what you were talking about in that quiz thing you sent me,lol!Dom is a cutie,haha.

Oh my gee,i will CRY if they kill Mr.Eko! i really will.

Elyse said...

Dudes, we 3 have very similar ideas about Lost. Kaits, I think we need to get that fan club thing going. And Ashley we could add the Homeschool gang to it, as well.

Oh yeah, it's all comin' together.

(Ashley, yeah... Locke *cough* I mean locke should be shot.)

Someoneelsebefor said...

Dudes *hehe* i would say yes but i don't think Jaho watches Lost or TV in general.

OH MY GEE it is soo hot right now,i think i'm gonna melt. It's....91 i belive,GAHHHH i'm gonna sweat to death or something!

Elyse said...

I was like, "Are you crazy? It's not 91 degrees here!" But then I realized that you don't liver "here".


Well, Jaho doesn't have to be a part of the fan club... Since he doesn't watch Lost.

Father Cory said...

I was told not to watch the second season of Lost because it wasn't as good as the first, due to non-story development.

Elyse said...

Well, I enjoyed it. Cool things happen.

Todd said...

I've never seen the show, so I wouldn't know. You should watch "Remington Steele".

Kaits said...

Cory: You shouldn't watch the second season unless you've seen the first. The third is going to be awesome. Can't wait. lock needs to die and I'm so excited fo Sun! And I still love Sawyer's dimples. =D