Friday, May 26, 2006

*bounces up and down*

Alright, so as you can see.... I have a picture of an electric cart, you might be thinking "Elyse would NEVER do that!"


Okay, yeah. I rode a cart. But I have good reasons, in fact I shall list them.

1. My ankle is broken, I went to Target and by the time I got to the shoe section I just wanted to go home. So said more clearly, using crutches for long distances is not peachy.

2. I'm in SE-quim, I know no one here.

3. I got to hit Kristy a couple times.

But there are some concerns I have about those carts, the "horn" is a pathetic beep. PATHETIC I SAY!!!! If I'm grumpy and some punk person is blocking the road do you think I was a "beep" to let them know I'm not pleased with their positioning??? No. I want a horn.

*edit* I would not beep my horn at anyone, I was not really, really mad at them. I meant that if you have a horn on a cart it should be a horn, not a beep.

Also, there are some people that just don't get it. I was (what verb shall I use?) motoring down the isle and some lady and her cart were there, I was like, "That's alright I can fit." The another lady put her cart in the middle of the isle. Kristy muttered something about how sensitive they were.

But there were some really nice older men that I met while I was out. The first one was at Safeway and he asked me what I did and how I did it. Then he told me that he had broken his hip riding his bike and he rode into a wall. Kristy walked up and said something about how cute that was. The second man told me how to use the cart.

So that was my adventure today. I'll admit that using the cart was actually fun, but it would have been cooler if it had gone faster, had a horn, and maybe a cattle pusher.



Mom said...

Did you have a learners permit for that thing? I know you miss driving. Now we can go to the store and you can practice. I don't think that will count toward the hours you need before you get your drivers license though.

jelvistar said...

At least you were driving.

Todd said...

You should bring an air horn with you to stores and then just duct tape it to the cart. I guarantee that will get those suckers to move.

Elyse said...

Mom: Yeah, I'll just go to Target for entertainment now.

Kristy: This is true.

Todd: Awesome. =D

Someoneelsebefor said...

somehow i don't think they would be very happy with you ductaping an air horn to the front of one of their carts,other then that small obstical i say YES you should totally do that! except to one of those carts you push by hand and then you go to a big hill and....uhhh i mean yes Elyse you better go slow and be safe *inoccent grin* those Women wern't very nice,i would have been like Floor it! out of my way! beep beep! *rofl* jk i wouldn't do that....probably XD hehe feel better

Jahothanan said...

I hate it when people do that. They put their stuff in the middle of the isle or stand in the middle of the isle and spread out so that they block the path.

Elyse said...
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Elyse said...

Ashley: Since I've never seen you I can't really imagine you sitting in a cart yelling at middle aged insensitive women. But it was weird, because the lady looked right at me and then she blocked the isle, I saw her later and she stared at me. Like she didn't think I was crippled enough to use one. All I have to say to that attitude is Whatever! Oh, and go brake your ankle, have surgery on it, and use crutches. Then she would have understood.

Jaho: Yes I think that is the "I'm the center of the universe and I really don't care if I inconvenience you." mentality.

Oh, and I really didn't care that those ladies did that, it let me do some more cool turns and I think I had to back up... So the little beepy horn thingy went off. I really didn't mind.

Spelling Nazi said...

brake = as in "hit the brakes"
break = as in "break a leg"

Elyse said...


I did it again! I deleted the first comment when I saw that, I thought I fixed it.


Oh and thanks. :glare: Like I didn't already know that. Pfft....


Father Cory said...

Eye'd like too ride a kart lyke that and hit the break. Eye'm priddee shure that it wood solve all ov mi problums.

Shawn said...

How fast does that thing go????? If I used one, could I outrun Todd with it *laughs evilly*??????

Elyse said...

No, it's not an outrunning, it's for running down.

Shawn said...

First, I run him down. Then make a run for it because he'll kill me if he catches me

Elyse said...

Now, if I hit him he couldn't do a thing.