Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wonderful day

I walked around in the backyard today, it amazed me at how much it has all grown since the last time I really looked. Down the walk to the front yard there are orange poppies, so gorgeous. Oh my word, it was amazing. I want to go and take pictures of them tomorrow. But everything has grown up, just in the last month. Very cool. Today was beautiful, everything is so green, the sky is blue and there is a breeze.

Ruth called (my sister that lives in England) so Mom talked to her for a while. I waited outside, I got into the car, opened both doors and laid down on the front seats. But it was quite sunny so I got out the umbrella and propped it over the door and the car. It was very, very comfy. Boomer was sunning himself a couple feet away.

We went to the library and I saw Noah, Noah and I have known each other for... About 3 years. We do testing at the same place and he was in the driver's ed class before mine. Anyway we had a nice talk. Then I saw him and Travis at the store. So that was nice.

We got home and there were two messages, from Mrs. Johnson. She said she had a plant for me and would like to bring it by. But we said we would come and pick it up... So we did.
This is the second time I've been to her house, the first time I was doing yard work with my youth group for elderly people. She has a little dog named Shatsi, funny little thing. When Mom and I were walking to the car Shatsi got in the car, it took some doing to get her out. That was entertaining. But we had a nice visit with Mrs. Johnson and her son.

John did the mentos and diet coke thing. We (Dad, Mom, John and I) went over to the park (right next to our house) and did it in the parking lot. It wasn't quite as impressive as 100-something bottles, but it was fun. And.... I got to swing! I love swinging. It's still a lovely day.

Oh, and I have a prayer request. Our cat Fuzzball has not been seen for quite some time. We think he might be dead, we just want to know for sure. So if you would pray for us to find him (either alive or not) that would be great.



Shawn said...

HA HA!!!!! I'm the first person to comment on your "wonderful day".

I have one potted plant that I got from Lowes for a quarter....for some, odd reason I accidentally kill any plants I get.

Elyse said...

What an accomplishment.... ;) I used to get really excited when I was the first one to comment on a post.

Hehehe... I can imagine you doing that Shawn.

Jahothanan said...

I was walking the whole day and it was very hot to be doing such an activity. I'm glad for the sun but I wish it would cool down a little.