Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yesterday I started reading 3 books, I haven't read like that in a while. I finished one of the books today, it was 438 pages long. I was up until 2 in the morning and I slept in till 1p.m.

:sheepish look:

The books I read were these:

Night is really intense and scary, it's a story about Elie's experience in a concentration camp. Really sad, intense book. I'm less than halfway through it.

The second book was also intense, dealing with issues of slavery, trusting God, and the Civil War. It was pretty good. I like Lynn Austin's writing style. This book was very different from the other ones I've read, the Chronicles of the Kings. Those are good books.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye is good. I've read Boy meets girl and Not Even a Hint. Good stuff all of them.

So yeah, I think I have some more books coming soon. I think we'll watch Forever Young tonight.


jelvistar said...

Isn't that a sad movie, about someone dying?

Jahothanan said...

I saw Josh Harris' dad talk once. He had some problems with what he was saying but over all I guess it was pretty good. The thing is that what Josh has to say is a lot like what his dad has to say.

Elyse said...

Kristy: Huh? I mean.... Yes, most certainly yes. (what are you talking about?)

Jaho: I love that his books have me thinking about loving others, the way God loves us. And how I don't need to worry about guys because God will bring the right one in my life. Oh, and I had no clue his Dad did that kind of stuff too. Cool.

heidi said...

"I Kissed Dating GOodbye".....I think I have read that book at loeast once a year since I was, make that twice a year. Awesome book. =D