Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fake, fake nails

So my nails have gotten quite long, I painted them red so now they look fake. I call them fake, fake nails.

Last night the phone rang, Mom brought it over and said, "It's one of the C. girls." She invited me over to their house the next day. So I asked if it was Caroline or Mary or Kaity. The answer was no to all of them. I was dying trying to figure out who it was, but it was Madeline. NOT one of the C. girls.

So today I went to their house, Madeline is staying there until her family comes back from Tamarack. We had SO MUCH FUN. We origamied and drew on the C.'s floor (they are replacing their floor and so we could draw on it) we drew a Merman. But it was supposed to be Madeline's outline, but then Caroline drew a mustache on her face. That was fun.

We played Scum, I was only scum twice the rest of the time I was citizen and of course Caroline was El Presidante. She's a mean card player... We played cards while listening to Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service. It was quite fun.

We went to Gramama's house, Madeline and I played with Milton (the cat with the flexible tooth) and George (Milton's brother) was even coaxed out. Milton is a fat, fat cat. He is a normal size but he weighs about 30 pounds... So when he jumps off the couch you can see the whish, whish of his flesh. He was licking and biting Madeline. Funny cat.

We decided to go to a movie, so we went to Over the Hedge. Don't see it, it's really not worth it. The one funny thing I heard was this vermin exterminator ninja jumping out of a car and shooting a net at a pink flamingo then he said, "Curse you plastic molder! Those flamingos.... So realistic." Aaaaand, the guy who did all the music and singing needs to be shot or lynched or something. But we had fun. Before it started Madeline (she's a ballerina) did this twirly thingy (because Caroline asked her to) and she fell into Caroline, knocked over her drink and spilled it all over the floor. It was funny.

Also there's this cat in the movie and I couldn't place his voice, but I knew it was familar, so I looked it up online. He was in the Mummy and he was the prison warden. Omid Djalili. I was like, "Ooooooh, I get it now." Thank goodness for the IMDB, I probably would have gone crazy being bugged by that.

Caroline has skillz when it comes to using crutches, like major skillz.

So it was waaaaaay fun. Sadly Mary was doing her super nanny job so she couldn't hang out with us.


jelvistar said...

Oh come on, you know they're fake. I bet Chato will bite them right off! BEWARE.

Jahothanan said...

Sounds like you had fun.

Elyse said...


Jaho: Yup. It was crazy, most people would be afraid to be near us... :)

Jahothanan said...

I'd probably go hide in a corner

Elyse said...

HAHAHAAHAA! For some reason I can't imagine you hiding in a corner, but it would be entertaining. =D

Madeline said...

Ah, I see you just HAD to put in the part of me falling onto caroline's Snapple. It was very amusing hearing her cry "my drink!" as it drizzled down the theater floor. It's a good thing Caroline got the time mixed up, or it would have been soaking people's purses and feet and such. How...awkward.