Monday, June 26, 2006

My ankle is complaining about something or other, I don't know what about though. Stupid Dennis, my rebellious ankle that has caused me so much trouble.

Mom and I were sitting here watching the first season of the Next Generation with ice on our rebellious legs. Mom's knee has been giving her trouble for a long time and of course Dennis got some ice too.

I took a shower in my shower today, first since I broke my ankle (:edit: I have taken showers, just not in the one in our house.). It's nice to be clean, but it's so hot! I love the beauty of this weather but I hate the heat. I sat on the front steps to our house for about 10 minutes just soaking in the beauty and stillness of the day. Today I've felt such joy and peace, I think it has something to do with the things that Jesus has been doing in my life. I had a wonderful conversation with Jesus last night, I just poured out my heart to Him. I prayed about the needs that I've seen in other peoples lives. This way of praying is so much better than the way I had been doing it.

It seems concrete now that I'll be going to camp in July. I'll just be taking it easy, I have scars to prove I'm not just being difficult. I'll be the only girl from our church going, which will be odd. At HCC there were always lots of people that would go to camp. At BBC camp hasn't been promoted like it was at HCC. At least I'll have some people I know going.

I finished the 2nd Elsie Dinsmore book today, man... I always hold back tears when I read the last half of that book.


jelvistar said...

You and your romantic novels, sheesh.

Elyse said...

What lies.... No romantic novels. I hope.

Elsie is. Arghhh! Haven't you read them, Kristy?

Hahahaha.... Oh man, I can't imagine me crying while reading a romance novel. But that'd be really funny.

Tyler said...

hey elyse
i finally am commenting on your blog so that should make you happy for a week
(or until you get after me to comment on it again)
good you finally took a shower

Elyse said...

You know Tyler, a /real/ friend wouldn't have to be reminded to comment. ;)
Yeah, whatever. Punk. As I said, I have taken showers in my Grandma's shower, this was just the first one in my shower.