Friday, June 23, 2006

Ankle update + pictures

My cast is off, I now have a stirrup thing. It's quite odd and I've found a shoe that I can wear. Three more weeks, approximately, with this thing on.

Even though Dr. Bacon gave me good news I felt a little depressed and worn down. I almost fainted, as in my parents were holding me up and if they hadn't gotten a wheel chair to me in time I would have fallen down. I'll tell you the reasons, this lady was in there and she had surgery on her toes a few days ago. All her toes were bleeding and there were pins sticking out of her. Reason #2 I pulled off the tape that was put on 3 weeks ago and I pulled a scab with it (accidentally). So yeah. But then I felt better. Dad even forgot to take pictures of me he was so concerned about me fainting. Oh don't worry he took pictures before the near fainting episode.

It's an odd feeling to have my foot all by itself, with the stirrup on I look like I have a wooden leg (if I'm wearing long pants). I can walk around the house without the stirrup and I can even take a bath (oh man, that'll feel SOOOOOO good!) but not for too long. My incisions look good, kind of. And yeah.

My foot cramps up sometimes and I'm not sure why. I have more gory details but I'll spare you all for now. Unless you reaaaaalllly want to know. ;)

I have to do some exercises like drawing the ABC's with my foot and grabbing a towel like a monster with my toes. XD That made me happy. But the exercises are lame and hard.

I (being the smart girl I am) didn't bring my crutches, I didn't think I'd need them. I was wrong and I ended up holding on to Dad while hopping. So after all that my left leg felt like it had run a mile.

Things are getting to be like they used to be though. I'm struggling with an attitude of "I WANT TO BE DONE. NOW." But I pray that God will give me patience.

The picture of the cow is my favorite signature, we stopped by the C's house so Mary could sign my cast. I like her drawing best. I hadn't seen her for too long so I was glad to see her.

Oh, and I soaked and washed my foot, so it looks a lot better.


Jahothanan said...

When did you say you were going to be all better?

Elyse said...

Right now I have no clue when I'll be all better.

Hehe, you should see it. It's quite ugly. *sigh* I never thought my ankles were small until now, when I can see the swollen and the normal.

But to kind of answer your question I can only tell you about the appointment with Dr. Bacon in 3 weeks. I only have to go if I'm having problems. So soon.... Hopefully. :)

But it's all in God's hands. Seeing as He has done (and been everything to me) so much for me I don't think I could be in better hands.

jelvistar said...

You're gross. Too bad Dad didn't faint, he's kind of known for that.

Elyse said...

I'm gross? My foot is.

Yeah, I think that I got Dad's fainting habits.