Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good, fun time

Allie came over last night to avoid the masses of smelly boys that came for Phil's birthday. Thhe'th mah Alliekinth, and I wuvth her thooooooo much!
We went to the mall first. And Allie exclaimed that she wanted her future man to wear shirts like this.
I said I wanted my future man to wear shirts like this. XD My next choice would have been the gangster mannequin of course.. =P

My favorite quote from the night:

"My man will have to smell like he just skinned a thousand deer."

.... *bursts out laughing*

Or, "Allie must eat the Grinch to save Christmas!!!"

Or, "My cheeks hurt from laughing..."

"My ribs hurt from laughing and I'm sitting on them, so it hurts even more."

"hahaahha!!! How do you sit on your ribs!? *tries to do so* ... *fails* I CAN'T DO IT!!! *bursts out laughing*"

But in all seriousness we got to talk about some stuff that we really NEEDED some clarification on. God really spoke through Allie and some circumstances last night to give me some very much needed clarity about a situation. And I must say, it's wonderful when the Lord works in such ways. All in all, it was quite wonderful. She played some of her songs for me and I just want to keep her locked away under the stairs so I can take her out and listen to her sing whenever I want to. But she said she'll be recording stuff soon, so I don't have to keep her locked under the stairs. ;) Seriously though, the Lord has really blessed her with a gift with lyrics and music. Her lyrics seem to resound with my own heart and I'm super excited for when I can just turn on the stereo and listen to her. But it is quite lovely to listen to her live. :)


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well you SHOULD have come to my debate tournament. did you know we went 4-0? and we were in the final round? and then we lost...but it was STILL fabulous. too bad you MISSED IT