Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am kind of lacking words right now. I had a lot of them, but now I just feel sadness. I just watched The Devil Came on Horseback. It's about the genocide in Darfur.

How many of you remember Darfur? I didn't.

I live in this sheltered bubble. My bubble consists of working and doing school. I hang out with my friends, I go to church, I try to live for God. The major concern of my life is doing well in school and paying for school. My minor concerns are the rising fuel prices.

My bubble was just popped. People are being murdered and our government is doing nothing. Its hands are tied. This situation is so complicated... And these horrid things are not just happening in Darfur, they are happening all over the place.

The movie uses a lot of pictures. There are pictures of dead people, all killed in various ways. I didn't cry until this one Sudanese man was interviewed. He told the people about how he and his family had to escape. Then he talked about how he wants the Sudanese government to make peace with the Sudanese people. Then he said he wanted to send his very warm thanks to the American people. He said that all the aid he has received has been from America. Then he said, "We pray for the American people."

I'm crying right now. The main concern of the average American is how horrid the economy is. That man's concern is getting back to his homeland, which was bombed. He has probably lost many friends and family members. And we complain about paying more for milk.

"We pray for the American people." Then he started crying... He had so much gratitude for us. We give so little, but it's so much to them.

These horrid situations that are in the world are a result from our brilliant idea to rebel against God. Can you imagine how horrible it must have been when Noah was alive? God wiped the earth clean because it was so bad. Now we're all just waiting for Jesus to come and get us.

Anyway, all of you should see this movie. It will burst your bubble. We Americans need that.

I opened up the web and the main story on CNN was that someone died in a hospital waiting room and the family was suing for $25 million. People are killing others and some of us are so deluded that we can't see past our own small problems. Also, Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend just had a baby; I'm so glad that's big news. We all needed to know that so badly.

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jelvistar said...

This has been going in in Africa for many many years. Uganda, the Congo...and so on. It is good to be aware, and to help in whatever way you can, and mostly...to pray. God is moving in Africa, even in the midst of all of the pain and suffering.