Monday, April 28, 2008

New pets

Mom and I found some frogspawn by the lake today. In fact, we found about three different kinds and we have some tadpoles now. They're pretty cool. However, all the little creepies that came with them are NOT cool. There was this one that was in a tube and it would poke its head out and move and stuff. There was this other thing that was like the tube-creepy but it had algae all over it! We killed it. I was getting major heebie jeebies.. I mean seriously! I basically swim in that every summer!

I guess ignorance is bliss... Anyway, I'll try to get some good pictures of them as they mature. Right now they look like the above picture. I would guess we have about 100 eggs.

...You won't be able to walk out in the backyard from now on without being attacked by at least ten frogs... XD

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jelvistar said...

Ruth and I used to catch tadpoles down there when we were little. I could never wait for them to grow into frogs.