Friday, January 04, 2008

And I shall name thee Mogwai

Grandma is very happy with her and her name is actually "Missy" but I think she should be called Mogwai (to go with the Gremlins theme. Gizmo was my Grandma's last dog and Grandma would have chosen another name for her but she got her when she was two or so. And she's going to keep Missy's name as Missy. I'm still pulling for Mogwai.)
She's so tiny! No lie. And I don't really know what was happening in that picture, but when I'm alone with a camera I make weird faces for entertainment. That's about it.
Now, my shoes may look huge, but that's just because she's tiny. My shoes are a size 7 in men's and a 9 in women's. She weighs 3.11 pounds. O_O


jelvistar said...

But will she fatten her up like Gizmo? I don't want to see this dog at 15 pounds!

Ella said...

Hey Elyse that puppy is soooooo CUTE.What's it's name .She's so small i could hold her in one hand.just like i could hold your SHOE.well I got to go BEY

Elyse said...

Let's hope she won't. My word... I told her she needs to be leader of the pack. Maybe she needs to start watching the Dog Whisperer.

Hey Ella, her name is Missy and she is five years old. Do I know you or did you just randomly stumble onto my blog or are you someone that I know who is using a secret name? lol. There are so many choices. =P

Sir Brian The Manly said...

Missy looks like she's about a size 11 in Mens. But I think my shoes are heavier than her.

Ashlily said...

hahaha,my aunt had a pomeranian named Samson.oh the irony,i think it got in my eye! yes.i has bitty feets. i wear size 5 in men's and 7 in women's.i get made fun of quite a bit by you males with garganchazor feets <_<

jelvistar said...

Check your facebook, you're going to LOVE it.