Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ah well..

Today was super fun! I saw Connor and Allen and I had bowling with Peter. I saw Connor and my face just absolutely exploded with happiness and he smiled too. =P I miss having a class with him, it's always great to have strong Christians in your classes. After Spanish I talked to Allen for a bit. I look up to that guy so much... (He's the only guy that makes me feel short)

Ahem. Anyway. And then bowling was interesting, I got a bunch of strikes, but my teacher said that I'm doing better. lol.

And of course I saw my Mary, she's so ridiculously tan now. Psh. Stupid Florida vacations... Aaaaaand I saw Kali. She's so funny and she's in bowling with me! Yay!

Anyway, it was quite fun and I'm learning to laugh at myself again through Spanish and bowling. There's nothing quite like public humiliation, eh? But I am really loving Spanish.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Great Googly Eyes! I forgot you were a bowler now. O_O

jelvistar said...

Are you "Relyseing the Thunder" on them? You have that nickname for a reason...