Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Soooo.... Monday.

Last night my family and I went to the Christian Life and Witness Course. It is put on by the Billy Graham evangelistic association. There are 18 of these courses happening this week and one of them was at our church.

It was very, very good. If you live in my area I encourage you to come, even if you live on the other side of the bridge there are churches that are doing this over there (like I said there are 18 of these courses happening each week). These courses are preparation for the Franklin Graham festival happening November 2,3,4. I think I'm going to be a counselor and maaaaaaaaaaaybe be in the choir. For those of you who don't know (like I didn't, until last night) when Franklin Graham gives the call for people to come forward they do, and they meet with counselors. These people will pray with them to receive Christ, or if they want to rededicate their lives, etc. So being a counselor is a very cool thing.

And being in the choir is like a dream come true for me! I love to sing but the biggest choir that I've been in was about 30-40 people. If I joined the choir for the festival there would be about 1000 people. It would be very cool.

So if you live in my area contact me and I'll let you know the details about the classes. I really encourage you guys to look into this.

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jelvistar said...

I want to come and watch you sing!