Thursday, August 09, 2007

Fun times

Allie is going to Cali soon so we decided to hang out today. I picked her up, my first time driving a friend around, and we went down to the Harbor. It was encouraging, fun, and hilarious.

We got to talk about what God has been teaching us.

And we went into all of the little tourist shops. We went into the Gift Mall and I saw a tea pot, I said, "If this was a tea cup I would buy it! It's so cute!" And Allie laughed and said, "What? 'If this were a man I would marry it?" We almost died laughing. So the whole rest of the day we would see inanimate objects and say, "If this were a man... I WOULD MARRY IT!!!" Then Allie saw a hideous necklace and she said, "This looks like part of the digestive track." And I said, "If this were a man..." Allie interjects, "He would have to have some good qualities....."


So we had some really good times. We went in my old small group leader's baby clothes shop and saw an amazing thing, which we plan on using when we are invited to a baby shower. It was in a box and I thought it was a bouquet... Then I saw the "Bunch of baby clothes" And I went, "!!!!" There were fake flowers and leaves but some of the flowers were rolled up baby things, like socks, bibs, or onesies. We were amazed.

We also went into a fancy clothes shop. I thought they only sold "mom" clothes there but I found stuff there that I would see at the gap. Then we came to it, a Juicy Couture sweater. I looked at the price tag and nudged Allie. We both quietly laughed. $268 bucks for a sweater that I didn't find cute. Allie said, "Yes... The sheep was very special. It had to be wrangled." We cracked up as we walked out of the store. It was great.

Allie was wearing a shirt that said nonconformist. A lady in Red (jewelry store) asked about it and Allie quoted Romans 12:1, "Do not conform any longer to the ways of this world, but be transformed..." It was very cool. She's an awesome sister. :)

I told Allie what God showed me last night. He always pulls me back in when I need it, even when I don't know why I feel the way I do, He tells me why. He is good! I found this online last night and this was exactly what I needed to hear. I needed to hear God tell me the truth on why things have been kind of hard for me the last couple of months. I am glad He did.

"God fights for us with the full might of his redemptive hand.

He is willing to make us uncomfortable and sad.

He is willing to bring us through suffering and grief.

He is willing to shake and unsettle us.

He is willing to squash our dreams and let the air out of our hopes.

He is willing to let what we have craved slip like sand through our fingers.

And he does all of these things, because we are precious to him.

We are the apple of his eye.

He will not share us with another.

He will not allow us to live in the delusion

that we have found elsewhere

what can only be found in Him."

~Paul Tripp~

Lost in the Middle

It was a good day.

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