Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Creature Feature

I weeded sooo much today!! I'll be really sore tomorrow, it'll be awesome! :)

During my adventure I was lots of cool things! Some people are jaded and don't care but I thought they were awesome.

So there.

I got the wheel barrow and underneath it was a pile of seed and lots of ants. And a big red moth. It was very exciting. I named the moth Sally.

Then!! I saw a three legged frog!!!! I was in awe. I named him Jim.

Then I was putting dirt in the wheel barrow and I uncovered two Salamanders! I named them Dorcas and Fabio. They were like 8 inches long! It was pretty exciting.

Then I battled earwigs. And let me tell you I was preeeeetty freaked out. I had to go into the tent (which has been up for a month because I'm still trying to co-ordinate some things) to get a blanket which had been left in there. I had to unzip the tent and grab the blanket. You all know that when you unzip something you have to zip it back up. So I was about to and then an earwig fell out of its hiding place (between the zipper for the door and the zipper for the window covering). So then I was trying to figure out how to close it without touching the zipper and I finally got some huge leather gloves. Then I had to check my blanket for earwigs. And ugggh.. I found 2 and a spider (which ended up being smooshed on the quilt) aaaand so I washed it. And I hope they (all the ones who were hiding in the quilt) all died.

Whew. I survived.


jelvistar said...

You and your nature friends. We caught a frog yesterday, he's a little green guy and Bella has claimed him. So we're back to 4 pets.

ruthanne said...

the tent is still up?! why?

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I named something today. I had to hang curtains in the store windows, and so as I was holding the wooden curtain rod, I named him Rodriguez seemed fitting. >_>
Then I cut him in half with a skill saw. Poor lad. =(

I bet I'm more afraid of wasps than you are of earwigs, and last summer we had a shed with one or two wasp nests, and mom made me go in there to get something...I almost died. It took me like half an hour before I had enough courage to charge in with the dog and my combat staff. Fortunately I didn't get stung but oh man, my heart was pounding, lol.

I want to talk to you. I haven't tackled...I mean talked to you in like TWO WHOLE DAYS or something. =P

Sir Brian The Manly said...

P.S. That saladmander is amazingly cool, but what in Jesse's sister's name is he crawling in/on?