Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy 200th post!

This is officially the 200th post of Jehovah Jireh. "The Lord will provide"

Right now I have an ice pack on the right side of my face and two pieces of gauze in my mouth. I look almost as hot as this guy. lol ;) I'll have to post some pictures later. OH! And we have two Dachshunds running around the house, Frankie and Emma May. They are too cute. I'll post some pictures of them as well. OH! and Mory came over for a visit today, he was out in the yard with Katie (an old lab) so I took them back to my neighbor's house. Mory's so big!
She was like, "They [the dogs] were out?"


"Did you have teeth work done today?"

"Yesh, aw of may wisshdom teef." *motions with hands* lol

Well, today has been interesting. I got my wisdom teeth out in the 10 o'clock hour. I was spitting up blood in the parking lot, which is an interesting experience. People make such a big deal about people getting their wisdom teeth out. It really isn't a big deal. You go into a room and they kind of bring the operating room to you. I was given Nitris, to keep me calm. Then the nurse sprayed my hand with a type of numbing agent and then she put the I.V. in. My hand's a little bruised, but eh... Anyway. Then my Doctor came in and said, "You are really calm for being at this stage of the operation." Then they talked for a little bit, I woke up and they were still talking. I had gauze in my mouth and I was really numb. I ended up crying when I was in the car with Mom. I was trying to say, "STARBUCKS!" but it came out like, "Staaaabuuuuu!". I was laughing and crying. Oh man... I think it was just because I was kind of disoriented. Then we got home and I watched like a movie and a half. Then there was dinner, I ended up taking out my gazz to eat my mashed potatoes, not a good idea. Then as I was getting new gauze I almost passed out. lol. That happened to my friend Allen too, I just hope that I don't bleed as long as he did. he was still bleeding the day after his surgery.

Anyway, today has been pretty low-key. Having my wisdom teeth taken out really wasn't that bad, I'm looking fore ward to eating solid food! :)

Oh and I called Kristy, as I was waiting for Mom to come out of the store, just because I knew that would be entertaining. Like when I told her I broke my ankle.... =P But anyway, we were laughing at how I sounded. I can talk a little better now, which is good. I'm feeling fine. So thanks for your prayers! Please continue them as I heal.

Oh and I have another prayer request. I babysat some kids a while back and their Mom is pregnant. Anyway, she got pneumonia, then she got a lung infection. Long story short, she has to stay in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy, which will be another 4 and a half months. Please pray for her, her husband, and their children (including the baby).

I rejoice in God's planning and I know He has a plan for this family, they just really need prayer right now. I rejoice in God's plans for my life, he put my ankle surgery before this one! That made me realize how minor this is. I rejoice that He gave me a calm spirit.


jelvistar said...

200...and on what a momentous occasion. Pee-eeww...Chato is sitting by my feet on the floor...and she is FARTING.

Dogs are gross.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

No more finals and no more wisdom teeth. =)

jelvistar said...

no more teachers dirty looks

Anonymous said...

The Bible also says ' I can do all things throu christ he gives me strenght' which is what i'll be saying as I have all my wisdom teeth out soon.
well done for being brave tho