Friday, March 23, 2007

Pictures, yo!

Frankie and Emma.
Emma bosses Frankie around, she'll walk past him and hit him with her butt. She's the alpha dog. She is 6 months old and Frankie is 4 years old. (sorry, no pictures of Mory today!)
Here is my fearless, hunter cat-cowering beneath a quilt. Well, at least Chato won't be as scary for him. I think he thought Chato was here, because Frankie and Emma's barks sound like Chato's. But now he's figured out that there are two of them.
I know at least one person is laughing really hard at seeing me like this, it looks like I'm in a neck brace. Well Kristy, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. Looks like I crumbs in my hair, I was eating a lemon bar (which ended up being a process of squooshing the lemony-stuff on my front teeth and swallowing. Looks like I got a little crazy... lol)

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jelvistar said...

You look WAAAAAAY crazy, like mentally ill CRAAAZY.