Thursday, January 04, 2007


OK so life is really busy, it seems like the New Year's party was like 5 weeks ago.

My classes are pretty good so far. English is confusing, hopefully that will be cleared up soon. I really need to get a good grade. Anyway, I'm not going to complain because if I did that would be stupid, seems like I've been complaining since Tuesday. Yesterday God was really working on my heart, just like, "You can't act like this, you can't be filled up with anger and bitterness." So today was better, God is in control and I can't change things. It'll all turn out according to His plan.

I'm getting to know a couple people better. Kim is really nice, she's in both of my classes and she has 3 kids. She's probably about Kristy's age or a little older. Anyway, I feel better now that I'm making friends.


Other than that, I finished up Colossians um... Last night? (I think.) Time has become a mush and I can't really distinguish between days now, heh. Anyway, Paul talked about how Epaphras was "wrestling in prayer" for the Colossians, I was struck with how much I need people to pray for me. I was also struck with how much I need to pray for others, we need to pray for each other.

Right now I need your prayers about school, about English, I need to understand (completely) what my teacher is talking about because we have a test on Tuesday. I also need wisdom for how to be a light at my college. I need prayer for my attitude, that God would continually remind me that Jesus never complained as he was carrying the cross, therefore I have no right to complain about school.

What can I be praying for you about? You can email me about it if you want, but seriously, please tell me. Let's be encouraging each other and spending some time before the throne of God interceding for one another.


Betsy said...

You are in my prayers...

Jahothanan said...

I will pray for your schooling. You can pray for my schooling too. In general, I want to do my best and continue to have oppotunities to share my faith with others.

I know exactly what you are talking about. My biggest blessings are my brothers who are still going to TCC. I can confide in them and they can uplift me when I am feeling down. I cannot praise God enough for providing me with them.

Statistics show that Christians are more likely to continue strong in their faith through college if they have other Christian friends on campus that they can hang out with, have prayer meetings with, have devotions with, and generally confide in. I have news for you. Even the strongest Christians need that sort of support.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your studies.. May the Lord remove all sense of time mush! ha!

God bless you
Maria in the UK

Ashlily said...

I'll definantly be praying for you E! You can pray for my cousin Angela and her family,there's just a lot of stuff going on with Her that's uhh,not so great,ya know?

Hey! I'm praying for an E-mail from this girl i know in the homeschooler's gang????? I sent you one like a week go,lol.

Carol said...


I saw your name on Maria Toth's blog and stopped by for a visit. I wish you God's best in your studies and life.


P.S. Elyse is my daughter's middle name, except she spells it Elise.

Bethany said...

Hello!get !
Well, i'm finally COMMENTING on yor "real blog". Happy? ;-)
And I have a funny memory of Mr. Jonathon below. . .:-) Muaaaahahhahaha!! (He has NO IDEA who I am. =D)
My last name's Camarata.

Once, I came to get Tim from Scouts, and all the guys were like, "Who's that?", "Tim, someone from the moffia's here to see you!" . . . And Jonathan says, "It's his sister!"

IT! OH! How RUDE! ;-)
Hahaha. . .Everytime I think of his family, or him, that's what I remember. =D

"Hi, I'm 'It'."


Bethany said...

Sorry, not Jonathan BELOW, but Jonathan ABOVE.