Monday, January 08, 2007


If there was a school for atoms this is how it would go down....

The popular kids (aka the Noble gasses) basically want nothing to do with anyone else, they are happy by themselves. There is no striving for friends, they are pretty much full of themselves.

Row 7: almost popular but not quite there. Since they are snubbed by the inert gasses they turn on others (they view them as a lower class) and steal friends, basically they just bully them into hanging out.... To sum up, they are bullies.

Since you can probably figure out the social structure yourself I will move on.

Metals are pretty easy going, they'll give up money if the higher rows want some and they just want to give, give, give. As long as they can chill with the aforementioned row. This is speaking of an ionic bond, it's a give and take thing.

Non-metals have covalent bonds (that means they share), so it's not really a bullying situation. For instance, "May I please have that CD." "Sure thing, can I have it back on Tuesday?" "Yup."

Hydrogen is kind of a rebel, it doesn't want to be like row eight it just wants a friend/clothing item. So it finds a stray electron (friend, clothing item) and it's BFF for life.

If you can't tell, I've been studying Lewis dot structures for Chem. Fun stuff. This class doesn't seem like as much work as college, go figure. =)

If you would, please pray for my friends, Molly and Betsy's dad. He's having some medical troubles and has had a few surgeries, his ribs are broken and he has blood clots in his leg. Please pray for their whole family and for his healing.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Ahhh, I already went through Science 101, I don't want to think about it anymore! lol

jelvistar said...

Chemistry + English + Math = insanity

Anonymous said...

Ha! You're too clever!
God bless
Maria in theUK