Friday, December 29, 2006

This is the day the Lord has made....

"Let us rejoice and be glad in it." It's pretty easy to say that today, but what about hard days? I wasn't really glad when I broke my ankle or when I left HCC's youth group. But now looking back on those "days" I am glad for them now, I am glad I went through those cruddy times. It's taught me so much about God and my life. So I wasn't glad in that day of sadness but I rejoiced in the fact that God is good and all He does is good.

Today I got to hang out with an awesome sister in the Lord and talk about pretty much everything, including llamas and monkey genocide. LOL. Anyway, I got to hang out at Curley's house today for about 4 hours. We watched His Girl Friday and the rest of the time we just talked.... We talked about what God has been doing in our lives, not just recently but in past years and before our time. I rejoice that I was able to fellowship with her today. I think it was pretty much impossible to get in bad mood after talking about positive things for a couple hours, especially with Curley, she is so uplifting and spirit-filled. We talked about Bible passages we have been really impacted with. It was also nice to talk to someone who like me, doesn't really like to boy talk all the time. Talking about what we talked about today was so much more uplifting than boy talk, oh my word.

It's really amazing how God works, some of the things we have learned went together. Some things we have/are going through are similar so we could "comfort with the comfort we have been given". It was pretty awesome.

Today has been pretty long though. I took the DOL written test and passed (I got two wrong, I was freaking out. "WHAT IF I GET 4 MORE??? *DIESSSSSSSS!!!!*" Except not really, I wasn't freaking out that bad. *laugh*). Then Dad and I went to the college to um... Do errands I guess. I got my student ID, parking pass and my math solutions manual. We also walked around campus, I didn't think it would actually look like a college campus. I had only been to the campus located in my town which is like one building but the main campus has like 28 buildings or something like that. OK, now I'm getting slightly more excited for college. :)

Anyway, now my head is aching. I'm hoping the decongestants and Ibuprofen kick in soon.

Oh and I got this camera yesterday, I had to remember how to spell "hundred." My thoughts: "hon... hun.... hondred... hundred. That's it." ROTFL. I haven't spelled hundred since I was wee and I've never written a check for that big, so there's my excuse.

Aaaaaaand I'm sleeping in tomorrow, that's my word. Laters!


Anonymous said...

We LOVE your beautiful, new blog layout ... Molly and Madeline

Elyse said...

Thanks guys.