Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So pugly he's cute!

This is Mory, my neighbor Jan bought him about a week ago. So while the power was out we took her warm soup and hot water, possibly with motives other than helping a neighbor out.... ;)
Katie (the lab) decided to sit on my lap, I guess she's craving attention. I was covered with dog hair. LOL. Oh and Mory was biting an elastic waistband thingy on my coat, everything is a toy to him I guess. In one picture her pulled it out like 6 inches. Oh man, he was everywhere... SO hyper!
Yeah, Kristy you ARE drooling!


Cory said...

Top picture: That is freakin' nasty.
Middle picture: That is freakin' funny.
Bottom picture: That is freakin' Mousepad.

jelvistar said...

Even trade:

The Chats


the pug

Elyse said...

Cory, you were supposed to focus on the size of the dog not the angle that the picture was taken. *gosh* Can't you read my mind?

Kristy: somehow I don't think Jan will go for that. LOL.

Brian said...

Pugs are hilarious. Black ones aren't as good though because you can't see their silly features as well. Too silhouetted.

Josh said...

Get a real dog.

Father Cory said...

w0rd @ making the remove. Two thumbs way up.