Monday, December 18, 2006



Thank you Pen Light linemen for staying up for 72 hours and restoring our power! There are still people without power about 6000, but that's really good since on Friday there were 29,000 houses without power. That's only for Pen Light, along with the other company there were a million people without lights. People in Oregon and Canada were also affected by this crazy storm. The winds were sooooo scary, I heard there were about 75 mph around our area. There were tons of trees down, along with power lines. We had a tree fall in our back yard, a tree fell on my friend's house! Fortunately it only hit the garage and they were able to get it off on Saturday. I think about 6 people died.

Kristy's power never went out. *glare*

It's been an interesting 4 days. I like having the power out because all of my family unplugs and stays in the same room for entertainment. I played cards with everyone except Juano, he was being lame. But I beat Dad in Uno *snicker* and he beat me in rummy. Grandma stayed with us, so Gizmo (her fat Pomeranian) was chasing Diesel around.

Hearing the wind reminded me of God's power. When I was in bed on Thursday night sometimes I couldn't tell if the house was shaking or if it was just my heart beating hard. It was KEY-RAZY. God's power is crazy huge and scary, but He uses it for our good to teach us.

Did any of you affected by the storm lose power?


jelvistar said... did not call me with the good news?


(my United States of Whatever)

Elyse said...

Oh like you needed another person to tell you. Did you not get called twice?

jelvistar said...

No one told me! I talked to Juanito at 5:30pm, but at that point you were still in darkness.

(I believe in a thing called love)

Josh said...

My power was out only one night

curly said...

Our power was out on thursday, and it came back saturday night. We only had a huge branch in our yard, but the Dewhirsts had over a dozen trees down! They still don't have power, and neither do alot of people who live out in the boonies... haha, friday night we went out to dinner at Anthony's for Phil's birthday, and it was still dark so I got dressed up by candle light. I felt like I was in one of those scenes in a Jane Austin story. lol

Betsy said...

Our power was out from Thursday at 4pm to Sunday at 11pm! But, we had a generator.