Sunday, October 01, 2006


Points to anyone who knows what the title means.

(Begin post about weekend here)

Soooo, Friday was good. We got to WSU safely and everything, I was pretty bored though because we forgot to bring movies for the laptop. Saturday was fun, we played USC (Southern Cali) and we almost beat them. I mean it was SOOOO CLOSE! Alas, I believe the refs have a tendency to give preferential treatment to the higher ranked team. Question: Once a ref has made a holding call how can the other refs get him to reverse that call? That wasn't the only stupid call, there was a fumble call and other stuff. It was a good game, the Cougs played really well.

Sunday (aka today) is a long, long day. We left WSU at about 4:30 a.m., about two hours later my Dad pulled the bus over (OH! Most of you guys don't know about the bus, we use (used more accurately) a converted 1948 Greyhound bus (converted into an RV, mind you) to travel about. The bus stopped working, more accurately it died. Permanently, the bearings are gone, so the engine is shot.

This may seem like a whiny post but really, I do have some good things to say, God is always faithful to us. :)

So, we left the bus taking all our valuables with us, since the bus was in the middle of nowhere and we crammed into John's car (which was a tow car, it's very nice, but a little bit small as you will see) we had John and Dad in the front and Mom, Boomer and I in the back. Boomer is a sick, sick dog. He's been pulling out his hair so he's bald in some spots, and he flakes (I'll leave it at that, but as you can imagine, he looks like he's going through chemo). So he has an ROUS tail, which he was laying on me. That's OK, I love my doggie, no matter what condition he's in.

Anyway, God provided the right place for us to stop at, for miles around that area there is no place to pull over. He put the idea in our heads to get a tow car, which really saved us a lot of trouble. He gave us journey mercies, no one died, everyone is safe at home now. As we drove by the fields I looked at the watering systems, some of them were on. I saw a fleeting rainbow in one and I was vividly reminded of God's promise never to flood the earth like He did. He is faithful in that promise and in all that He says.

He protects us. This is not the first bus junk we've had to deal with, once we had tire issues, 2 tires on the back of the bus popped. A guy walked up (OK, we are pretty much still in the middle of nowhere) and starts talking to my Dad as he's trying to get the spare on the back of the bus. Turns out this guy has a bus shop about a mile off the highway. God provided for us then, whenever we drive past that shop I remember how God protected and provided for us. Last year the Pass was closed due to rock slides, so we had to go on another pass, we went on that pass at just the right time. A little bit later that pass was also closed.

God provides for us.

I even got to go to youth group tonight, last year after the pass incident Dad and I barely made it to youth group. But that night God had gotten my attention a in major way, the words I sang on that night were truly from my heart, with all my heart. Tonight was awesome, Mr. F. (a deacon from our church) shared his testimony, it was good.

Anyway, today was long but we made it home alive and the bus is sitting in the backyard (we had it towed, it was pretty odd seeing a 35- foot bus being towed by a truck) I took some pictures of the guy backing it in our yard, so if you guys want I can put them up later. Maybe I'll put some pics of the football game too. Oh, and I got to meet Brian, Rosanne and Hugh, so that was pretty sweet.

*edit* This player cracks me up. His name is Mkristo Bruce and he's the leader of all the USA college football in sacs. John and I try to do the "Mkristo," you know, that crazy look he has on his face. John ran into him on campus a while back and he said he's really nice.

(End post about weekend)

It be the first day of October, which is obviously the best month of the year. ;) 17 days till my birthday!


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Keith M. said...

I often find myself seeing God as being just a little voice in the sky, but really he has all the world in the palm of his hand, and at any moment he could smash it. His will WILL be done.

P.s Is your b-day on the 18th? That is really, REALLY weird, because that is when mine is.

Ashlily said...

Rodents Of Unusual Size? Bah,I don't belive they're real. *gets tackled by R.O.U.S.* hey! ha ha!*stabs R.O.U.S. thrice*.....*gets taken away by P.E.T.A.*

the Library in our town is so lame,i have to have a driver's licence or state id to be able to renew it! I got my library card when i was like 9! It's crazy.That's why i usually go to the next town over's library,but i have to go to our's to get my card renewed. *grumbles*

Elyse said...

Keith: Yes it is on the 18th! That is really weird. We should have like a joint birthday post or something.... XD

Ash: Points to you! How does the library relate to my post???? Just wondering. :)