Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday joy

Today was co-op, I think I tied with Katy for the top quiz score. I got 88%, I thought I would get a higher score, I felt pretty confident, but that's still an OK score. I found out I got an -A over all so far, so that's cool. Someone got an A, but everyone else is below us, there was a D and a -D. Some people aren't doing too well, actually most of the class is doing pretty badly. Chemistry is harder than biology for sure. Mrs. R said that this chapter we just covered is the hardest one, which is really good. Hopefully I'll do well on the module test.

Sorry about the school talk, I just wanted to share that.

16 days till my 16th birthday!!!! Should be, well, just like any other birthday. I talked to Jordan about his Eagle Court, he's turning 18 in 2 days, so he has to get it done before then. But he'll get it done. Oh and for those of you who don't know, Jordan is a guy I know from co-op, I know his sisters better than him though. Mrs. H had all the October birthdays do the pledge and Jordan prayed so, that's what brought his birthday up.

Anyway, I'm glad to be home. I'm feeling pretty good about school, I didn't die from the quiz so hopefully this week's homework will go well.


Keith M. said...

Yeah, I agree, Chemistry isn't a very easy subject. My brother Chris and I are taking it together.

jelvistar said...

No Comment.

Celeste McGrath said...

Happy birthday to you, la la la la la loo...happy birthday to you-ooo...and now I have forgotten the rest of it.

(okay, acting weird because I'm tired!! :) )