Tuesday, October 03, 2006

*brain melts*

I'm still working on the module 2 test, I took a break for dinner and now for some blog time. I only have one more question on the test. My Dad asked my Mom for the butter and I thought, "What's the specific heat of butter? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!?!?! STOP. IT." Chemistry is taking over my brain. Pretty soon I'll only be speaking in formulas and element numbers.

Tonight is another night of
AWANA, if there is a club near you or at your church I highly recommend that you volunteer. It's really awesome.

It's cold today and rainy, still I love it. I love this weather, mostly because I've grown up here and I'm used to it. I think it's a beautiful state. When I go to town I get to drive by this, how awesome is that??? God's creation is amazing and I love seeing what He has done in my area.

Now I feel like I can dive back into the chem test, without knowing the spec. heat of butter. *eye roll*


Keith M. said...

BTW do you have any idea or guess about the thermal energy in a stick of butter? How about it's mass? lol

jelvistar said...

MMM...I want a buttered roll.