Saturday, September 30, 2006


I'm sitting in Kevin and Cristin's house using John's lappy while he and Kevin watch football. Umm.... Anyway, today I'll most likely be seeing Rosanne and Brian later today, that should be cool. Right now Butch (Kevin and Cristin's dog) is sitting in my lap, he's such a big baby. Cute though.

Later we will head over to Martin stadium for some Cougar football. We are playing USC, we are going to get squashed, beaten, and otherwise pulverized (did I miss any other good verbs???).
But still, it should be a good game, with perhaps a possibility of us actually doing pretty well. USC has lost some good players and our team has gotten better.



Keith M. said...

Hope your team wins!

jelvistar said...

I'm glad that you made it home! Sounds like a super fun trip!
At least the game was exciting to watch.

Father Cory said...

Football is widely overrated.

But that's never stopped anyone ^_^