Monday, October 30, 2006

Guess who fell into the toilet today? Yeah that one. LOL! I was brushing my teeth or something and he tried to jump up on the counter by jumping on the toilet (the lid is usually on) and then on the counter. I heard this "Plop" and then a "splash". He jumped up on the counter but I grabbed him and dried him off, his heart was beating pretty fast. Later he jumped up on the toilet seat and looked at it like, "Why weren't you here when I needed you?" Pretty funny.

Mom and I stopped at a pet shop to drool over the cute baby animals and this lady was being kind of agro to the manager, "That is not a Shiatsu..." etc. Who cares? Mixed dogs are usually better.

Last night at youth group they had a doughnut eating contest.... Yes, I stuffed my face in front of the youth group for no apparent reason other than I was told I had to do it. No, you will not be seeing pictures unless your name is Kristy and you happen to be in my family. My friend Becca and I were a team and we beat all the other girls. I held a doughnut by a string and she ate with with no hands, then she did the same for me. But she beat me later. I ended up eating a doughnut and a half. I think the rest of the girls were too concerned with their image to really attempt to win, but as for me. Um... I guess I threw away all of my propriety. Hahah.. Oh well, I suppose they all had to find out a little bit about the other side of me at some point.

Tonight is a college fair, sooo yeah. That's what I'll be doing tonight! Woo, or something.


Keith M. said...

ROTFL! HAH! That's really good! One time a couple years ago I was brushing my teeth and my older bro came up behind be and was telling me to hurry up and all. I butted him and he went staggering back right into the toilet! Red long johns and everything! It was HILARIOUS!

jelvistar said...

stinky cat. You should put gel in his hair for halloween, so he can look like he just fell in, ALL NIGHT LONG>