Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yesterday was the Awana conference, it was really good. Some very challenging things were said.

One of the main things that I learned was how I really don't treat kids like people, Jesus did so why don't I? See Mark 10. Jesus wasn't like, "Let the little children come to me. *lalalala*" He was mad. So mad that the same word for "indignant" was used for the time when Jesus overturned the tables in the temple! Jesus would rather bless children then discuss divorce with His disciples, He was probably mad because the disciples just didn't get it! Jesus came to the underdogs, the people that society looks down upon and the disciples pushed the children away. Self-important act, but really wouldn't we have done the same thing?

Anyway, there were some other things but that was pretty much the main thing.

I've gotten myself a cold. Great. If you guys would pray for me about starting college, I need to make an appointment with a counselor. I'm nervous about it. They might make me take a "communication skills class" if you ever met me you would know, I don't need that class! I need to express myself clearly and present myself well, so please pray for that! Also, pray for the Lord to give me peace.

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