Thursday, July 20, 2006


So today I cut down the catnip and parsley, both were growing to huge heights and widths.

Fuzzball would keep the catnip to a small size by rubbing on the birdcage we had around the catnip, if you had been here and walked around in the back yard you would have seen a copper birdcage covering a catnip plant with gray cat hair on it.
See that picture? Imagine the cat is gray and there is drool coming from the corner of his mouth, that would have been Fuzzball.

Alas, Fuzzball is no more. So the plant is huge. Ahem, I mean, was huge. It isn't huge anymore.

Here for your reading pleasure is an article about catnip.


jelvistar said...

I saw another kitty today, this one was black & white. His name was Larry, he was 8 weeks old. You need to get a kitty! NOW!!

Elyse said...

We need a kitty to control the catnip in our yard and to control the vermin population, plus just playing and loving the littly adorable kitty.

Buuuut it's not my choice and I'm willing to wait until we get one.