Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I had an appointment with Dr. Bacon today. He said that my ankle looks really good, so now I can walk around with my brace off more. I feel happy. Kind of like that octopus, except not that happy. I think I can start driving maybe tonight or tomorrow, depending on how far we are driving and if I go anywhere. My ankle isn't swollen right now, which is amazing because usually when I go out for a couple hours Dennis will swell up. But my ankles look basically the same, except Dennis is redder than the other leg, for some weird reason.

Dr. Bacon said that I can't run, because that's putting like 3-5 times my weight on my ankle. So he said swimming or bike riding would be good. Mom was talking about going to the pool in the mornings, so that would be good. I'd like to get back into bike riding, I enjoyed that. Maybe I can get Dad to ride with me, he's the least gimpy most likely person to ride with me. It'll be good to exercise.

I went to Fred Myers and I saw
these shoes in black. I like them, but they are 40 Frosty's there sooooo, I'll wait to get them.


jelvistar said...

Dennis = Jack

F.M. always has a good selection of chucks.

Elyse said...

Kristy: Shup. I wasn't speaking of our cousin.

Yeah, if only they wouldn't cost 40 bucks.