Friday, May 02, 2008

Awkward men.

So Amelia and I were hanging out today on the steps of building 27. Some guy looked at us while he was walking by laughed, smiled, and said, "Hey guys, how are you?"

"....Good." *glances down* *pretends to have a really interesting conversation*


"Ooooh!!! Maybe he was from my psych class!!!" I thought he was the guy who on the second day of last quarter sat in my seat, but was I about to be deterred from sitting in the front row because of him? Oh no. So I basically crawled over him to get to the end of the row near the window and sat down. After about 5 minutes he says, "Hey. How are you?"

".....Good. ....How are you?" I had to decide what to do after the initial shock of him speaking to me. I mean... He was the one who took MY spot, right? I didn't want to sit next to the older guy on the end of the row because he kind of scared me so I chose the OTHER side, which happened to require me crawling over this guy. So... Anyway, it was perfectly clear in MY mind that I wanted nothing to do with him. However, he wasn't thinking the same thing I was.


(silence ensued for about five minutes)

Then he realized how awkward that was and he said, "I'm new here...." Like he needed to defend himself. haha!

"Oh... Hi, I'm Elyse. And you are?"

Anyway. It was really horrible and funny and he never sat next to me again. hahah! I told my mom the story and she said it reminded her of the girl in this video.

That was completely a side story, back on track!

So I thought it was that guy. Anyway, Amelia and I walked to my next class and guess what.... There he was. And he did the same thing! And it wasn't the guy! It was some random dude!

So crazy! I'm pretty sure he was mentally unstable actually AND there were like four police cars on campus. I bet they were looking for him.

But we survived. And today was a good day. (It was good. Reaaaaaaally good.)


jelvistar said...

I'm confused.

Amelia said...

yes. that was a goooooooooood day.