Friday, February 15, 2008



Rosanne said...

haha! oh my gosh that's awesome.

I want a cat sooooo badly but noooo, I can't have one in the dorms, obviously. And next year, one of the guys that I'll be sharing a house/apartment (still don't know what exactly will end up happening with that...dannnng I hope we get that house! anyway) is allergic. :( :(

And... the cat looks like arty! Except fatter. :'( :'( :'(

I miss my poor little arty. :(

(but clearly, I need that game!! lol)

jelvistar said...

I just threw up on my keyboard

as;lkag;jfd;n ;lhalks;j lajsf jf

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I....think I missed the humor of this movie. o_0