Sunday, January 20, 2008


AGH! MOM! FOOD!!! *rushes mother* *crushes puppies*
TEH BAAAAAAAAABIES! The big one on the left is from the last litter.
He's my friend. Today he crawled out through that far right hole in the fence.. It was quite amazing, but he was determined! He knew we were meant to be together!
Look at that face! It says, "I am content.."
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!!!!! I wants him. :(


jelvistar said...

Those puppies are bigger than my dogs combined! Wowza.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

I'm going to guess you were wearing ummm...your blue coat!

Sir Brian The Manly said...

New post, new post!

Ashlily said...

i'm coming to G-town just to steal your coat O_O i love it more than you will ever know. =O rofl hahahah
*whispers is she kidding or not?! WE WILL NEVER KNOW O_O

curly said...

just wait until my dog has puppies. then you can get one of those!

puppies are so cute, I eat them!