Friday, December 28, 2007


So Grandma is getting a Pomeranian next Friday. Her name is Missy and she weighs 3 pounds and is 6 inches long, and also 5 years old. She had a Pomeranian named Gizmo before, but Gizmo weighed 14 pounds (she was a rather ahem. large dog however). I decided to do a little researching and I found the American Pomeranian Club Inc., which was established in 1900. Yes, people have been crazy about these fluffy little animals for 108 years. I LOVE the puppies, they are soooooo cute! I shall demonstrate, but first, a little background. Did you know that Pomeranians can be blue? THEY CAN. Did you know that they are originally from Iceland, but are named for the region Pomerania, which is now Germany and Poland? THEY ARE.

Anyway, puppies! Cute, cute, cute!!!


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jelvistar said...

My dog = stupid

New dog = sooooooo cute