Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stupid Dog...

I got back from Grandma's to a very happy Chato, after all.. We had left her by herself while we were gone. So I let Harry out of his kennel and what does he do? He brings me an Almond Roca wrapper. As if to say, "Hey! Look what Chato did while you were gone! Get her in trouble!" So I looked around and I found about FOUR other Almond Roca wrappers on the ground.



(Chato cowers)

So I showed her the wrappers and told her she was bad. (more cowering)

Then I put them out. So then... I found half of a poinsettia leaf laying on the couch and in case you didn't know.. Poinsettias are poisonous.

My word. That dog is going to DIE with her eating habits. She found the Almond Rocas on our dinner table, in a big bowl on candy... She crawled up on the table and got the candy.


Well, she seems fine now and it's been five hours, so don't worry, Kristy.. =P

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jelvistar said...

She farted all night, thank you Elyse!