Monday, November 26, 2007


I talked to John before he got on the plane. "How are you doing?"

"Oh, just FANTASTIC."

"Really? Me too!!!"

His story is that the government hadn't paid for his ticket yet so he had to wait around for 45 minutes till they figured it all out, but it all worked out and he's flying to Japan right now.

As for my FANTASTIC story it deals with cars who decide it's time for their battery to die.

So Mom, Dad and John left for the airport around eight this morning. So lalalala I locked up the house at 8:50 and I went out to the car. I got in the car and it didn't start, not only did it not start, but none of the dashboard lights came on and the annoying buzzer was also off, and as I noticed later the clock was dead.

So I started laughing. "This is SO ridiculously AWESOME RIGHT NOW." XD

So I go back into the house and I called mom, "Hi, mom... Umm.. The car won't start."

"Sorry. ... Ok, I'll put Dad on."

"Okay.. *waits*"

"Hi Elyse, the car won't start?"


"Alright, I want you to take the blue car."

*voice of disbelief* "The BLUE car?"

(The blue car that dies 2-3 times when you start it up and its transmission is iffy)

"Go into the garage and take the plant down [etc, etc.] Open the hood and connect the battery. You'll find a wrench over my workbench on the shelf. [...]"

My mission: Take the blue car to school

Obstacles to my mission: 1) Opening the hood 2) Finding the wrench to tighten the battery cable to the battery 3) Starting the car 4) Backing the car out of the garage 5) Keeping the car from dying

Ok. So, opening the hood.. Yeah it sounds simple DOESN'T IT?! Well it's not. Or it wasn't, now I know how. So I found the hood release in the car (in the dark) and pulled on it, then I went to the grill to find the pulley thing to unlock the hood. It wasn't there. So I went and grabbed a flashlight and it still wasn't there. So I went and looked at all the other cars to find out where it is. I went back and looked again and it still wasn't there. So I called Dad again, "Ummmm.. I can't find the hood releasey thingy."

"We were just talking about that. Pull the hood up and there are two "triggers," pull on them and that will release the hood."

"So I'm not retarded! Yaaaay!!!" *opens the hood* *rejoices*

So then I wander over to the work space of the garage and I tried to find the "work bench." Maybe it's just because I'm me, or maybe there is more than one "work bench" in the garage, but there is one space where you can lay stuff down and sand and stuff and then there is the drill and stuff. Dad said that it was above the drill thing on a shelf. I felt intimidated. Anyway, I ACTUALLY found it! yay for Elyse!

So then I connected the wire to the battery while I was on the phone and my parents were laughing at me. I was laughing too, it was all so ridiculous. Ah, good times..

Anyway, I got it connected. Then I got in the car and tried to start it. I tried to start it four times and finally it started. So then I was gunning it to make sure the engine wouldn't die and I was also trying to avoid hitting the house. I've never actually backed the car out of the garage, you see... So I got it in the driveway and I put it in park and put the e-brake on and ran rejoicing and dancing to the front door to lock it.

I'm not even kidding you, I was walking around the yard during the whole adventure saying things like, "I HATE MY CAR. I MEAN I LOVE.. LOOOOOVE MY CAR. OH MAN, I LOVE MY CAR SOOOOO MUCH RIGHT NOW...."

Then once I finally had it started I was saying, "THANK YOU JESUS!!!"

Yes, I said that out loud. It's a good thing most of my neighbors are either related to me or they know me really well....

Anyway, it was a good start to my day. God made me laugh at myself and my situation. "Your plans, Elyse? What? You want to get to school early today? I think not. hahaha!!!"

I laughed too. It was funny. And it really made me remember that God has control of my circumstances, each day is handpicked for us. No day could be better for you in the end than this day is today. (That was a confusing sentence.) Each day shapes us and teaches us things.

God is real, you guys... And He definitely has a sense of humor.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

At least your car isn't a van. =(

rosanne said...

My cool story is this:

Fly home (oops, I mean.. fly back to Pullman. Did I just call it home?)... Plane comes late. Get to Pullman. Pilot can't land-- cloud cover too low. Circle around to see if weather clears up. Doesn't. Finally fly to Lewiston, and land there. "Alaska Airlines is not providing transporation to Pullman. You'll have to figure it out yourself. Have a good night, and thank you for flying with us."


P.S. Cougars won, Cougars won! But... not more Bill Doba?! Weirdooo. I have yet to learn/read more about it, but that's what I hear/see on the front page of the newspaper.