Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unexpected.... And yet plain as day

So tonight we (the public speaking class) organized ourselves into groups according to what we are going to speak about for the quarter. My education group split so I went and listened to the family group.

[thanks editor Brian...]

So now I'm in the family group. In this group are most of the people that I had planned on sub-consiously avoiding. Except for Vlad, whose father was a preacher in Russia and was killed by the KGB for aquiring Bibles. I was planning on finding out whether he is a Christian or not. But eveeeeeeeeeeeeryone else was VERY vocal about how they 1) hate religion
2) hate people who force religion on others.

So I was kind of planning on having a "silent witness." Where they would see my actions but from a distance... Where I wouldn't have to deal with them. >_< Soooo.. God kind of had other plans.... So now I'm in this group. And I was really kind of sad because of how lost the people are in my group. On the radio when we were driving home the new song came on about having a heavy burden, but it is what we are called to do as Christians. And then the singer goes on to sing about Paul and all the trials he went through and many more examples. I'm going to find out who sings that and I'll post the lyrics later. That song brought tears to my eyes..

I am the remedy for these people. I am going to be around them a WHOLE lot. And I will not just be having a "silent witness" (sounds dumb, doesn't it?) but I will be interacting with them. They will hear how I talk, see how I dress and act and they will notice a difference. Also, one of the people in my group talks like a sailor (AND I'm only using that over-used cliche because he is a sailor) so my dad challenged me to graciously say, "Hey [name], I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't use such colorful adjectives around me. I don't talk like that and it would really help me out." He has seen the morals of the group (most of them anyway) and he thinks it's ok. He doesn't talk like that to the teacher. So I am going to do that. He needs to know that's not ok. And really, cussing is only acceptable on a base level with anyone. You don't hear sales clerks swearing or in any business or formal place.

So it was a challenging day! Fo sho....


Sir Brian The Manly said...

This is my favorite line:

"In this group are all of the people that I had planned on sub-consiously avoiding most of the people in the group."

Brilliant! =D

(does the sailor say f*re and ch*ir and g*y? O_O )

Anyway, I always greatly admire people who have da noive to request decent language from a person(s). One of the girls on my volleyball team did that and I thought, "Wow, I don't think I'd be able to ask that of anybody. Too scary."


shark like a fox said...

coarse language is not appropriate in a classroom, or really in any public environment. people seem to forget that sometimes.