Friday, September 28, 2007


We went and visited Jen on Wednesday. She had Thomas on Sunday morning. He has jaundice so that's why he looks so orange. He was 3 or 4 weeks early but other than the jaundice he's doing really well! When we saw him he was 6.5 lbs. He's so tiny!
Paul came home with his grandma from the zoo. We brought him some goldfish so he wouldn't feel left out. He has a really high squeaky voice. When he saw what I brought him his face literally lit up and he came over and squeaked out, "Thank you!" And he gave me a hug. And that made my day. Like seriously, I was all smiles.

I made Thomas this sweater. It turned out really well.


jelvistar said...

You little knitter! I love the photo where the baby is yawning, too cute.

ruthanne said...

who are jen and paul? and wow! i can't believe you knitted that sweater. wild! will you knit matching sweaters for the family so we can wear them at all family get togethers?

Elyse said...

lol. Jen is married to my youth group leader Jeff. She's really great and is a good friend for all the girls in youth group.

Paul is their first son.

And to your last question. NO. I will not.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

That sweater probably tastes like mint chocolate chip. >_>