Monday, August 20, 2007


I saw this on CNN today. I thought there were some interesting things in it.

"Because of this doctrine of a Jew being a Christ-killer ... so much hatred and anti-Semitism has been propagated throughout the Earth," Christofaro said.

Now such historic anti-Semitism has given way to an urgent support of Israel among some evangelicals, many of whom believe that when Jews live in all of the Holy Land -- what they call Greater Israel -- only then will Christ return and true believers be raptured up to heaven.

"It is a controversial issue here in Israel as to whether we should be partnering with the Christians in any way," Baras said.

It's controversial in part because in the judgment day scenario embraced by some evangelicals, Jews who don't convert to Christianity burn in hell. But Baras said she isn't worried.

"I know that I'm not going to burn in hell because I didn't accept Jesus, because I don't believe Jesus is the Messiah," she said. "So how could I possibly be threatened?"

How did you like that last bit of logic, "Because I don't believe Jesus is the Messiah, how can I be threatened?" Ummm..... So if she believed that unicorns are real then they would be? Good thing humans don't actually have any power or we would be really messed up. This world already is quite messed up.
And as I view the Crucifixion it was the whole world's sin that nailed Him to the cross, my sins, your sins, everyones sins.....

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