Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I saw this in Fred Meyers.... I laughed. I listed some things in the fall that make me happy to help me remember God's blessings, instead of me focusing on the negatives (in my mind). I must say I've noticed that God has given me a better attitude. And I've tasted the happiness that I see in my friend Allie. I've always wanted to be as happy as her, she always looks at things in the light of God's will. And recently I've tasted that, it is very amazing and it makes me very happy. lol.

And now I can't really believe that they sell these books. Wouldn't it be more effective for each person to write down things that make them happy? Because squirrels running away with treasures doesn't really make me as happy as going and picking dahlias. But this is a good reminder to count your blessings! Look for the ways that God reminds you of His love for you!


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Jumping off the roof

Backflipping out of swings

Throwing the ball for my dog

Lifting/moving heavy things like a piano all by myself and then having people see it later and be like, "HOW'D YOU DO THAT??"


Playing musics

Talking to gwirlz who aren't stalking me

Doing just about anything that involves superheroes

Video Games


My sideburns


My left hand

My inhuman abilities

Going out of my way to make people laugh

Pie that isn't religious

Walrus Food


The word Splatter in any form



Shooting myself manly glances in reflective objects

Really long messages

Long walks on the beach

Aaaaaaand cliches!


Hey I feel better already! =D

Austin said...

Does Allie know she's had this influence on you? It feels good to know when you've been a good influence on people.

At least they don't make books like 14,000 Things to Be Depressed About. You know, so people don't forget what ails them.

Anonymous said...

I like your bangs. So pretty. Pretty bangs. Pretty smile. Pretty face. Pretty Elyse. Pretty dog who bit me in the leg. Pretty scar on your ankle that hurts when you touch it. Pretty uhhhh, hmmmm... That's all for now.

And Fall makes me HAPPY. I can't wait for FALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! And pumpkins and chai tea and fall leaves and warm cozy clothes and fires and caramel apples and AWESOME PICTURES outside and fog and exciting times and romantic atmospheres and--- Wait. Uhhhhhhhhhh... No, not the last part. I don't get to have that yet. =/ Later.... Yeah, later---
Well anyways. There it is. I'm happy for Fall. Huzzah.

Sir Brian The Manly said...

psh. Romantic atmospheres are for girls. =þ

(Marie Elyse, your word verification just made me type a bad word! My fingers are defiled! *cries* )

Elyse said...

"Shooting myself manly glances in reflective objects"

That made me laugh out loud.

Ha.. Well I'm glad that there aren't those books. Although there are books that have many depressing and negative things in them. Which is lame.

And I do believe she does know. I think I told her on our walk we had a couple of weeks ago.

That pretty dog is deeeeeead. He died almost two months ago. And he didn't bite you THAT hard. He was just policing the house, and YOU were running around and Boomer was never ok with people running around. Maaaaan... His health really went downhill in the last three years! Crazy.