Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh my....

Um. Right now we're watching a Ferret program on PBS. I'm. So. Disturbed. It was so funny though, a ferret came on and I said, "That ferret is SO FAT!" Then Kristy said, "It's just like you Elyse!" Came to find out later that she really meant how I was just like the owner, who was singing a song about her ferret pulling plastic bags through her couch. lol.

Like seriously. And the fact that the Buckeyes host this thing is REALLY DISTURBING. Um. Besides the fact that ferrets really creep me out. yeah.

And apparently ferrets are h00ge in Japan (this brings to mind an instance today when my Mom said, "h00ge" lol)

BTW I'm holding a Chihuahua named Harry. He's 8 weeks old and I think he's a little cold. I'm going to spend a week with him.

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Sir Brian The Manly said...

I like ferrets.

Also, I hear Japan has pretty h00ge lizards too. Dohohoh.