Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That IS the question

Should I go swimming? That would be the perfect way to cool down after today. But I have so many reasons to not go. I want the lake to be perfectly deserted when I go there, it's more fun when there aren't aren't people playing "King of the Dock" or doing anything equally as low.. haha... I'm such a lake snob. It's perfect to go swimming when it's quiet and I can take in all of the beauty. The beauty that I can see anyway. I just take in the general colors since I don't swim with my glasses on. :) The lake isn't as low as it was last year so the scary wooden shark thingy won't attack me again. But I still will get swimmers itch. Oh so many decisions.

I think I'll wimp out for today. Maybe sometime this week though.


Sir Brian The Manly said...

Don't worry, that's how I feel about park playgrounds. =P

jelvistar said...

Scaredy Cat! Just go, who cares about all of the riff raff that congregate at the lake. Have fun with the swimmers itch. G-ROSS.