Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rainy Day

Well today was a little bit of a downer, except I'm not depressed. It's stormy and we went to a funeral. My Grandma's cousin's wife died last Saturday.

Oh how appropriate, Flogging Molly's "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" just came on.

Moving on. The "reception" (??) was held at the widower's house. At one point I was stuck in the middle of the house, some old friends of my Grandma's cousin, Ben, were talking in the doorway. I was blocked, finally I worked up enough courage (or perhaps discontent with being stuck in the dining room) to stand there, and the man moved for me. I wanted to go and ask Mom to come with me to get some food. Mom was talking to an elderly lady and then I was brought into their conversation. This lady was very nice, but I think she might have had some memory problems because she asked me what my name was, so I repeated it loudly. She was like, "Oh that's lovely." Five minutes later she was like, "What's your name?" "ELYSE." "Elaine?" At this point I was like, whatever... So I was trapped in the middle, and then when Mom and I finally started to head towards the backyard she was stopped about three different times. It was still raining..... But there was a cool dog there! Nels, or Ben as his name actually is, is a very nice older lawyer and it's very sad for him.
We ate and then we were ready to leave. I was cold and wet.

We went to Costco and I saw people from school. I called Amelia to tell her who I saw and she was in the doctor's office. She tripped while playing football. Anyway she called me a couple of minutes ago, she's fine. She just has a sprain. You can read the account of her accident

I've grown very attached to Sufjan Stevens lately, and Bjork. Bjork is VERY weird, but her music is AMAZING. Sufjan Stevens is mellow, but I like mellow music. I want to get all of his albums.

Funerals are depressing. This one was especially so, I don't think many people there are Christians. The pastor said the Lord's prayer and everyone repeated it like automatons. I wondered how many of them actually know the life giving and freeing power of Jesus.... Almost all of them looked depressed and bored with the Scripture that was read, they were probably thinking about what TV show they would watch when they get home. Or they were thinking about how life is horrible and they wish they were dead, just like Nels' wife. How sad! What was even more sad was seeing a person worrying all of the time (I'm not going to name anyone...), worry is a crippling thing. The pastor was off in what he said, he talked about how Jesus died for us but he didn't present the Gospel or give the prayer. There wasn't a lot of hope in that funeral. If Nels' wife was a believer she is better off than we all are!!! She's in heaven with the Lord, free from pain.

We stopped at T.
Albertsons so Mom and I could get something to drink. So now I sit here in dry, warm clothes with my iced black tea, happy and warm.


jelvistar said...

I posted a photo from a cemetery...we actually went yesterday evening. It's on a bluff overlooking the Strait, we were going to watch the sunset. But it was overcast. Wah Wah

ruthanne said...

flogging molly?! you are actually starting to make me think you are cool! lol!
don't you love all the pics from john's adventure?!
love you,